Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Molars, Goodbye Bottle.

It's been 2 rough weeks here in the Hollis house. Kevin and I have been trying to ween Rosalie from the bottle since she turned one. We had no problem switching her from formula to milk, but getting rid of the bottle wasn't happening. She won't drink from a sippy cup.. but will drink from a regular cup and through a straw.. but I can't just give her a big girl glass when it comes bed time, nap time, or her 5am milk. Finally I decided enough was enough, and she was getting cut cold turkey. Morning nap time came.. I offered her a sippy cup, she screamed. I wouldn't give in. She ended up screaming herself to sleep. Afternoon naptime rolled around.. same situation. She went to bed that night with no milk. (Which is no biggy.. she doesn't NEED it.. she usually eats a crap ton of cheerios and toast before bed). 5am rolls around and Rosalie is up wanting her milk. We prepared a bottle and a sippy the night before. After 10 minutes of fighting her and her screaming at the top of her lungs, I caved and gave her the bottle.

This scenario repeated for about four days. Then one night before bed, we offered her a camelbak (rosalie's expensive sippy cup lol.. Camelbaks and sippy cups with straws are the only cups/bottles she'll drink from during the day.. so that's what we were offering her at night time and in the early morning).. and she DRANK from it. We thought it was a fluke. That morning when she got up for her morning milk I gave her another camelbak and she drank it with no problem and went back to bed. My heart swelled with pride. The next 4 days in a row, she didn't put up a fight at all for the bottle.. and has been drinking from the Camelbaks and sippys with straws. It's safe to say that she has finally kicked it. Thank god.

On top of the bottle weening, Rosalie has been teething. We've noticed that her bottom cuspids are almost through. On Thanksgiving, Kevin started looking in her mouth and discovered that both of her top molars are in and have been in for probably a week. Now today, her bottom gum is so swollen from her cuspids... Hopefully they break through in the next few days because she's miserable. She's been up the past 3 nights crying constantly.

So my little girl is off the ba-ba and has 10 teeth.. mannnnnn she's getting so big :( when did i get a toddler?


  1. Sometimes it's the spout on the sippy cup they the baby doesn't like. We used the BornFree Training & Drinking Cup which is similar to the CamelBak but I don't think very much cheaper after shipping & handling.

  2. We've tried so many different sippys it's unreal! i have a cupboard full! lol We've been trying since she was 6 months old and she just wants nothing to do with them.. we started getting scared not knowing what we would do when it was time to take away the bottle.. the one day she grabbed my camelbak and started drinking out of it.. so we just got her her own lol. I'll have to look into the BornFree cup.. thanks :)

  3. Wow, I'm not looking forward to this day! B does drink from a sippy here and there, but still prefer's her bottle. So it'll be fun. Good job on the breaking though!!