Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy First Easter Princess :)

Today, we took Roey for her first professional pictures! We went to the Hour Glass which I was so excited because for Easter they use live animals. She did really well at first.. but then she started getting bored by the time we moved to the second back drop so it took a lil more effort to get some laughs out of her... Here are a few of my favorite poses :)

She wanted to choke that duck sooo bad hahaha!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Crib Bedding!

I know I'm a little crazy.. but I ordered Roey new crib bedding. The set she has now we bought from Italian boutique... it's beautiful and we paid out the butt for it... but it just wasn't what I wanted! I wasn't too crazy with the fact that the crib bumper only went half way around (wierd I know.) Originally I started out just tryin to find a plain bumper to go with the the half one I had. It was too hard though tryin to match colors and find something plain.. everything has designs on them anymore (and I'm just so freaken picky and everything has to be perfect.. so it was hard). I started lookin before I came back to the states. I figured if I found something online then I'd go to the store when I got here and check out the color to see how it matched.
When I got back to the states I continued my search. I had no luck. It was then I decided I want something completely new. My mom got Roey a white and pink polk-a-dot rug so I wanted to find something PLAIN white and pink polk-a-dot... Which turned out to be almost impossible to find! Everything was either dark pink or fuschia... or had brown on it. I started to get so discouraged and finally I found EXACTLY what I was looking for!
Isn't it adorable? I found it at babies r us, but it was just a set (bumper, dust ruffle, one sheet, and cover. I didn't want the cover... so I searched for the line and found it at bed, bath, and beyond where you could pick the pieces you wanted. I got the bumper, dust ruffle, set of 2 sheets instead of just one like babies r us, valance, and shipping for the same price as the other set at babies r us! i can't wait to go back to italy and put it on her bed.. it's going to look ADORABLE with her rug!
Now I'm just going to try to sell her other set on the classifieds.. I hope I can get rid of it cause we paid almost 300 euro for it! I'm not asking NEARLY as much.. it's quite a steal actually... but I want to get rid of it and atleast get something back for what we spent!

shOts and shOpping.

Yesterday Roey went for her second set of shots. It was soo much worse than the first set. For starters, daddy wasn't there to hold her. I had to do it by myself. ughh my heart broke as i saw the tears coming from her big brown eyes. And like last time, she couldn't hold down the oral vaccination. I told the guy that last time she threw it right back up, but he insisted on shoving it down her lil tiny throat... as soon as it hit her belly it came right back up. She wore the vaccine. I wore the vaccine. The guy administering the vaccine wore it. Even after all that, she came out of the room SMILING. She's so tough.
I felt horrible about her shots.. so to make it up to her I took her shopping afterwards... (shopping always makes me feel better! hahaha) my shopping for her is getting out of control.. the girls in gymboree are going to start recognizing me haahha. She was soo well behaved while we shopped.. as always! We ended the shopping trip by meeting Kristine for lunch.... well I shouldn't say we ended it with lunch... we went through Macy's get out and of course I ended up buyin her a crapload in there.
We got back to Dad's garage and as soon as we pulled in Roey started crying. I took mom's truck and took Roey home.. the next hour and a half was pure hell. She was MISERABLE from the shots.. her teeth were really bugging her.. and on top of that, the oh so wonderful teething tablets that I have been praising up one wall and down another made her constipated. She screamed and screamed and screamed until finally she fell asleep. She woke up chipper from her nap, but it didn't last long. Within an hour the fussiness started again.
I was petrified that she was going to have a terrible night after the terrible day, but she slept like an angel. She woke up soooo happy this morning. **WHEW** I managed to get all my bottles washed and sterilized. (I really accumulated a lot since yesterday because she wouldn't give me the time to wash and sterilize. She just wanted her mommy) I got most of my laundry done.. and Roey bathed and down for a nap before 8am! woahhh i'm so super mom hahaha. Looks like it'll be a good day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So here Roey and I are in PA. Let's do a quick update on my little peanut.

She's getting quite big.. Over 15 pounds now.. and she's growing out of 3-6 month clothes! The other day she learned to spit so she's CONSTANTLY doing it. It is freaken adorable. And she LOVESS to laugh. and i love hearing it. :) My heart smiles when I hear that lil girl giggle. It's probably the best feeling ever.

She's gettin extremely spoiled here. She has seen and met so many people and she's gettin rather use to the attention. I think I'll have my hands full when I get back to Italy!

Now to the purpose of this entry.. Being out of Italy I can sit back and observe and reflect on my life over there. I've come to the conclusion: I love my life. Things are so great right now. We have such awesome friends.
When I sit back and look at the people we were friends with when we first got here I want to slap myself. How did I allow myself to get tangled up with such trash? Was I so desparate for companionship that I would be willing to be friends with anyone and be treated like crap? Was it REALLY worth it being friends with people who try to make you feel inferior? These people tried to make everyone in my husband's shop hate me.. tried to make my life miserable.. talked about me CONSTANTLY behind my back.. made stuff up and told people that I said it about them. Now I see this person is bestfriends with the people that they use to run their mouth about constantly. Now I can sit back and laugh.
I love my life and consider myself to be one of the richest people alive.. and I don't say that because the amount of money or possessions we have, because by all means we live from paycheck to paycheck hahah... but my family is rich in love. I love my husband and couldn't be any happier. I have the most beautiful daughter who is the most pleasant baby and I love spending every second with her. She is amazing and completes us in every way. We have awesome friends who we have such a great time with... people that we have things in common with. Seriously.. I don't think I could possibly be any happier. And it's a real happiness.. not a happiness front I put on to make people jealous because really, you are a MISERABLE person and your actions show it. It doesn't matter what you post on facebook, myspace, twitter, or your blog saying how "amazing" your life is. If your life was SOOO amazing you wouldn't act the way you do. Quit acting so "Christianly" (as you like to call yourself) because hunny you are far from it.

I was told that I was such a meannnnnn person and being pregnant wasn't an excuse. Excuse me, but the day that you carry an extra 30 pounds on you, your feet swell, you throw up constantly, you have heart burn so bad that you just want to swallow a fire extinguisher, and your hormones are soaring out of control, THEN you can tell me how I should act when I'm carrying a baby. But now I realize, it was all out of jealousy. And for that, I don't feel angry at you.. I feel SORRY for you. I might be mean, but you're pathetic.

Oh and while I'm on a MEAN roll... who are you to make comments about my weight when i was PREGNANT. Looked like I was having twins huh. Well I hate to break it to you.. when I was 9 months PREGNANT you were still weighed more than me, so who are you to judge?

Let's just repeat that last sentence one more time.. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE?

With that all being said.. I feel good.. and I just want to add..
Tiff, Meghan, and Britt.. I love you guys. Italy would totally suck without you! :)