Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cake Baking, Cookie Decorating, Cleaning, Ironing, and a Sick Babe.

I feel as though I should build an arc. All it has done here is rain.. and on top of the rain, I have a sick baby. Kevin caught the crud... and of course he passed it onto Rosalie. Her and I haven't slept.. she whines nonstop... and I'm just exhausted. She's at least starting to feel better. I've been making sure I've been sucking her nose religiously and giving her tylenol.... and running a vaporizer.. I wanna make sure she can enjoy her big day.

In the midst of my exhaustion, I've been getting ready for Rosalie's birthday party. Seriously, sometimes I think I over do it.. but oh well, that's me. Yesterday I baked the last of the cookies.. When Kevin got home, I went and rented a bouncy castle for the weekend, and did errands.. then went to the commissary to get the rest of the groceries for the party. This morning I worked on getting caught up on laundry, made homemade frosting and decorated 2 dozen lady bug cookies.. I cleaned upstairs.. the floors just need scrubbed, but Rosalie's nap didn't allow tomorrow I'll do floors. I also just got done baking a cake for lady bug for tomorrow. I'm letting my butter soften, then heading back to the kitchen to make my frosting. I already have supper going.. sooo whew... I've been so busy.

Tomorrow is the big deal.. my little Princess turns 1.. I can't believe it's been a year.

That's all for now.. I just wanted to touch base... I have to go frost a cake :)


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