Monday, June 3, 2013

The Hollis family GREW.. AGAIN!

If I could fill my house with dogs..I would in a heartbeat! Those that say diamonds are a girl's bestfriend, CLEARLY never owned a dog! I have always wanted a husky in the worst way. When we moved to Italy we planned on adopting one, but then we adopted Budders. When we got to Alabama we planned on adopting one yet again, but then we got Duke. lol. I couldn't bring myself to pay for a bred dog, when I knew that sick little rescue dog needed a home.
Then Mother's Day and my birthday rolled around. I was sitting in the kitchen with my husband and BFF. Kevin asked me what I wanted for both holidays. I told him a husky and I would be content. Him and my friend looked at me like I was nuts. He said if I could find one within a certain driving distance for x amount of money, then I could get one. Well, I did it. She was only a few days old when I found the breeder and for 6 weeks we watched the little Princess grow and could not wait for her to join our furever family!
So I would like you to meet.. Miss Sadie!
She is the sweetest little girl! It's unbelievable that only 7 1/2 weeks how much her personality has developed. She is unlike most female huskys. Most females are very independent. Not Miss Sadie. She has to be with someone at all times. For her first week here, she would wake up in the middle of the night crying and one of us would have to sleep on the floor by her kennel in order for her to sleep through the night. Yes, she is like a newborn. lol. Now Duke sleeps beside her kennel and keeps her company throughout the night. When she is fully pottytrained and out of this puppy chewing stage, she can upgrade to the bed.. but she's sooo bad now! She's so full of life and energy.
 Sweet puppy kisses :-)
 The rough life of a Princess Puppy

Isn't she just absolutely precious! She fits right into our little family! When she was born she looked black.. but most of her black has faded to gray and one of her eyes changed from blue to brown so she will be part of the bi-eyed club! She still does not have a full name and we need to come up with one soon so we can get her AKC registered!

Father's Day Idea!

My Dad and FIL are the HARDEST people to buy for when it comes to any holiday. My Dad likes things with meaning... my FIL, likes giftcards. Those that know me, know that I don't like doing giftcards. They just seem so impersonal and I feel like there is no thought to them. I like people to think "Dang, she put some serious thought into that!".. but it seems as the years go on, I'm running out of ideas.
Last year I took two Pinterest ideas and combined them into one for my husband... this was our result:
This year I took a spin off this for my Dad and my FIL.

I managed to recycle the letters from last year... bought a W, E, and the heart. Picked up some red spray paint for the heart and recycled the blue paint from last year.
I then bought these cute frames from Michaels. This isn't the picture of my frames.. I painted mine black.. but I haven't uploaded a pic yet so I found the exact frames online

They look JUST like Organic Bloom.... but you want to know what is awesome??? I only paid $8.99!!!!
Once I get the pictures printed and in frames, I will be posting!!! Just a little behind on Father's Day presents this year!