Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shutterfly Photo books.. out of this world.

I could just preach and preach about Shutterfly photobooks. I absolutely love them. For me, they are slowly replacing printing pictures and scrapbooking. They are so much nicer than scrapbooks, they aren't as bulky as a scrapbook, and over time you don't have to worry about the glue coming undone and pics coming out!

Last September, after my baby shower, I decided to make a photo book through Shutterfly with all of my pics. I created the book and it sat in my Shutterfly account for over a year.
In December, I decided the perfect gift for my mom and Kevin's mom would be a photobook with Rosalie's pictures from her first month of being born. The book came and I was COMPLETELY blown away. The quality was just AMAZING.

I decided to make another book from our second trip to Verona from when we took my mom. The book came and once again, I was impressed. I was so impressed that I FINALLY brought myself to order Rosalie's baby shower book. It was a bigger size than the books I had purchased before and when it came I went nuts over how awesome it was. It was the size of a huge scrapbook, but wasn't as thick and bulky. The color was so deep and rich... just beautiful. I published my Verona book on facebook and my mom loved it that she had me order one for her and then had me do one for her with her Venice pictures!
Then I started brainstorming on what to get my Dad for his birthday because he is the HARDEST person to buy for... then it came to me, A PHOTOBOOK! So months before his birthday, my mom and I started scheming. She was going through old racing pictures, scanning them, and e-mailing them to me. 10 years of racing memories to go through! I started the book with pics from his first year, and ended up with pictures from this year. I probably redid the book 4 times before I got it just how I wanted it. I had it shipped straight to my parents and made my Dad skype me when he got it. The look on his face was the best. He was just glowing. It was the best feeling to know that I had got my Dad a successful gift.. instead of the usual giftcard.
I decided the best thing to do with Rosalie's birthday pics was to make a photobook. I had her professional 1 year pics, the pics from the day of her birthday, and the pics from her party. I made one big 12 x 12 book with all the pics and it's awesome having everything in one fancy book.
The other day I got in photobook mode AGAIN and made a book from our third trip to Venice.. it was probably the most special trip because it was with my mom!
My latest project.. and one that will take the longest.. is my book of Europe. (THIS IS MAKING IT'S DEBUT! I've never showed it before!!!!) I have taken so many pics since we moved to Italy.. i have about 7 albums full. When our time is up and we leave here, people are going to say "oh let me see pics from when you lived in Italy!" No one is going to want to flip through thousands of pics. I decided to make one giant photobook with 1 or 2 pages dedicated to each place we've been to. Plus it will be nice for Rosalie to have when she gets older and can say "LOOK WHERE I WAS! I don't remember it! But I was here!" Plus each page is filled with fun facts and information about the city! This is still a rough draft.. I'm sure before 2012 I will have changed the layout and what not 100 times.
I love that you can share these books online! You take the time to make them, why not show them off!! Head over to Shutterfly and make a photobook that tells your story.. trust me, you won't regret it!!!

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