Monday, November 8, 2010

Rosalie's Birthday.

I know I haven't posted anything about Rosalie's birthday or her party.. but I just haven't been in blogging mode. I was extremely busy all last week with getting ready for the party. Come Sunday, I was absolutely exhausted and had no motivation to do anything. On top of being tired, Rosalie has another tooth coming through and she's still a lil stuffy.

We'll start back to Rosalie's actual birthday. I took her to have lunch with her dad and he was excited to see the birthday girl. Then her and I did a lil shopping and then headed home to bake a cake. Rosalie got EXTREMELY sick that afternoon and was puking everything.. all the mucous was starting to drain into her stomach and it just didn't agree with her. About an hour after her dad got home she was feeling better.. so we let her have some cake.. and open some of her small presents.. then she got a bath... played.. and went to bed. Kevin let her stay up a lil later since it was her birthday :) haha

Rosalie's party turned out great! We had a lot of people show up.. almost everyone we invited.. I made TONS of food and then we ordered subway platters. We got the kids a bouncy castle and a piƱata. Rosalie was EXTREMELY grouchy when her party first started.. she was being all emotional and wouldn't let me put her down. Kevin decided to make her take a nap. After she took a nap she was totally fine. We laid down a table cloth in the middle of the livingroom for her to do her smash cake after we sang to her. She was a mess.. covered from head to toe. After she got cleaned up she did presents. Around 5:30 everyone started clearing out. Our friends Meghan and Derek stayed so the boys could play Wii afterwards. haha. Rosalie was so wired from her party that she didn't go to bed until TEN. TWO hours after her bedtime.

I decided instead of posting a bunch of pics, I'm going to post the shutterfly photobook I made. It has all the pictures starting from the professional pics, to her birthday pics, to party pics.

Click here to view this photo book larger

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