Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Italian Speaking Bambina

Last night Rosalie said her first Italian word.. Bella! It means beautiful.. I guess she hears it enough that she learned it. I think we were prouder than when she said her first English word. We're going to start working on more Italian with her. I think she'll pick it up faster because she loves the Italian language. She goes nuts when the Italians talk to her. Budders on the other hand, he HATES the language. He gets sooo mad when we say Ciao. It's hysterical. I'm going to charge my handycam so I can get it on video. It's hilarious.

On another note.. we took Rosalie to see Santa. Let's just say, she hated him. The pictures will explain that.

AND Rosalie got tooth #11. Her first cuspid.. now she has 6 on top and 5 on the bottom and the bottom 2 molars are working their way through.. just haven't broke the surface yet.

We also had the AGE shop holiday party last night..we only stayed an hour so we could go see Santa, but Rosalie didn't stop moving the whole hour we were there.. she had so much fun running around. Here's a few pics before we left for the party.

That's about it for now.. I've got a cake in the oven for lil Miss and have to start supper in a few :)


  1. aww at her not liking Santa. Sofia was the same exact way last year. Soon as I put her down on his lap she started wailing lol.

    That is soo neat that she has learned an Italian word already. The only thing Sofia will say is Ciao and she just recnetly started saying that so Rosalie is ahead of the game!

    OH and I just have to say that last picture of you and Roaslie is so sweet. YOu look so happy holding your babygirl. =)

  2. aww thanks.. i don't have a lot of recent pics of rosalie and i!

    We were pretty proud of her italian word... i guess she hears it enough that she just picked it up!

    and I don't think it was the actual santa that freaked her out. i honestly think it was the woman ringing the stinken bell!