Monday, November 15, 2010

How about an actual update.

Boy.. it's been a week, let me tell you.

Rosalie's tooth still hasn't broke. All last week she was up all night, every night, and wouldn't nap. She wouldn't eat. All she did was whine and drive me bonkers. Last night was the first night she slept through the night all week.. I don't know if the pain is finally easing up, or if it just got the best of her and she crashed. I couldn't even get her out of bed this morning for her doctors appt. Totally not like her. I finally drug her little butt out of bed.. no i'm kidding.. after 15 minutes of saying her name, i started tickling. It didn't work, but I knew what would. I pulled her pj pants off.. she instantly jumped up because she knew it was bath time. LOL

She had her 1 year check up today. It was the first appt Kevin could actually go to since she was a wee tiny bebe. He kind of had to, with our car situation right now. He had to take us. :) She actually lost almost a pound with her change in diet.. she's still in the 90% though. Her height was a lil more than we measured her.. she's over 30 inches now, which is also in the 90%. Her head isn't that big.. she's only in the 60% for her head size. Her pediatrician said she shows signs of intelligence with her hitting all of her milestones early and her busy and curiosity-ness. We were afraid she had an ear infection, but both ears are clear. She told us to start using the steroid cream to help the little bit of eczema she has on her belly.. and she said we are doing good and she can tell we are making sure she is well lotioned because the skin doesn't feel dry at all, even though she has a few dry spots. She said it's to be expected that it's that time of year with the weather change that her eczema is going to flare. She also said that Rosalie behaves like an 18 month old.. and she said maybe we need to start disciplining her like an 18 month old and start doing time outs.

Rosalie also had to get bloodwork done today.. we weren't really happy about that. It's routine for 1 year olds here. She was SO mad because the lab techs were pinning her arm down... she was going NUTS screaming at them. To make things worse, the tech couldn't get in her vein. Finally at the last second he hit it, and as soon as he was done and they left go of her arm, she was cool again. lol. My lil tough trooper.

Rosalie's vocabulary is really starting to pick up. She is now saying Mama, Dada, Dad, Mom, PapPap, Nana, Hey, and last night I GOT HER TO REPEAT ME! I went to take her picture and said "Say Cheese" and she said "Cheesh." It was the freaken cutest thing I've ever seen.. as she was saying it she was doing her hambone smile. Man I love that hambone smile.

What's new in my world.. hhmmmm I'm back on my diet big time. Yesterday I drank probably 200 oz of water. I want to hit my goal of -70lbs by the end of the year. My incentive is I want to be back to my old self by the time I go home in February, IF I go home. I'm still working on my 1st priority, and that is a dog sitter. I've had 4 people reply and so far none of them will work out.. hopefully everything works out so I'm not spending this entire deployment in Italy.

Well that's it for now.. Rosalie is napping and I'm going to take advantage of the quiet time and relax. (right.. as soon as i start to relax she'll be up.)


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