Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Spirit

Rosalie and I have been in the holiday spirit lately.. so we've been doin tons of baking! It's not all for us... I'm baking for a shop function too.. so everything has been getting doubled and frozen. We have done 6 dozen reese cup cookies.. 6 dozen hershey kiss cookies.. over 4 dozen sugar cookies, which doesn't seem like much, but it is considering 3 dozen of these cookies i made homemade frosting and decorated. I'll def be doing more because I'll need more sugar than that for the shop function.. plus I made 3 pumpkin rolls. I was proud of how my sugar cookies turned out, so I just had to share some pics.. no recipe though since it is a Wagner family recipe :) Sorry!

The top trees and leaves are sugar.. the turkeys and the bottom trees are topped with homemade frosting! The sugar trees don't look so bright in this pic because of the flash.

Trees and turkeys!
I apologize that the Toms are sideways.. I don't know why blogger kept uploading it sideways!
Kick butt trees! If i would of had a decorating bag I would have put ornaments on them.. but mine got yucky and I threw it away

And speaking of Turkeys.. how about some pics of my lil Turkey! :)

Roey and her puppy.. she loves this guy :)
she found my crystal light....
playing before bedtime
the sweetest lil smile ever
rosalie having breakfast.. don't you LOVE all the cheerios on the floor lol
Playing with her sprinkles
playin with Daddy with one of her new birthday toys
uh oh busted.

I know this entry was mostly pics.. but honestly after baking and decorating all day, I'm not in the mood right.. oh well, pics are more fun anyways :)

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