Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Okay Rosalie.. Momma Doesn't Need Sleep

So I'm pretty sure my mind is officially gone.. This may sound like a bunch of rambling because I'm just that tired and that exhausted. I'm sure everyone is tired of me complaining about getting no sleep, but seriously how much can one person take?

Roey hasn't been sleeping well the past week... and last night we didn't sleep at all. I feel like death. I feel mean and grouchy. I feel like I just need a break. This week has been terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

I may have forgotten to mention that Friday I was in my first Italy fender bender. Completely my fault, but I'm over it. I had myself so worked up over it, but now it's in the insurance company's hands and I don't even want to think about it. It was nothing big... I was pullin out of a parking spot and the guy was parked super close to me.. my front bumper caught the back of his car. We need a new bumper, but aren't worrying about it until we get back to the states because surely something like this will happen again. I did minimal damage to the guy's car.. and at first he was totally cool with me.. Then when Kevin went back to talk to him he was a total ass. We were originally just going to pay out of pocket to get his car fixed, but after that we decided just to turn into the insurance company and let them take care of it.

Onto another subject.. we have 2 trips planned so far for this summer. At the end of June we plan on going to Pisa. (If the trip isn't a typo on the calendar for ITT) And we plan on touring Croatia by boat at the beginning of July. If the Pisa trip is a typo, then we'll be going to Croatia that day. On the actual ITT schedule it doesn't say Pisa on the 26th.. but on the monthly flyers it does... so we'll just have to wait and see. I'm hoping on Rome in July or August. We haven't gotten to the beach since we've been back.. it's just been so hectic..

OHHH and you know how we've been working so hard on getting our driveway all pretty? We came home last night to my driveway covered in mud. Our sidewalk in front of our house covered in mud. Our front door covered in mud. Our door mat RUINED. I'm so irritated. Our neighbor got this idea to pressure wash his driveway to get rid of the weeds. All he did was make a mess of ours. He told us he was going to clean it, but all he did was sweep off the sidewalk in front of our house. Kevin's kinda "whatever" about it.. but i'm mad! The guy said that he didn't know it was going to splash over onto our side.. when CLEARLY he noticed it and kept going because it's the whole way down our driveway. When he noticed it was slopping mud onto our front sidewalk he should have stopped.. instead he kept going almost the whole way down our driveway.

That's all I have the energy for now.. time to go watch Sesame Street lol

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