Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rovinj, Croazia.. HERE WE COME!

So I haven't been this excited in such a long time.. we booked our first vacation for the summer.. to Rovinj, Croazia. You're thinking "Okay? What's so special about Croazia (or Croatia as we say) Well... The country is sooo beautiful! I can't wait... Rovinj (or Rivigno) is located on the western coast of Istria, the largest Adriatic peninsula.

Here's a brief summary of our itinerary for the trip:
at 4:30am we depart from Aviano, Italy
at 7:30am we arrive at the Croatian border.. heading towards Istria, we will pass through the Istrian forest, known as paradise for hunters.
between 8:30-9:30am, we will arrive Parenzo where we will board a boat
at 10am we travel along the Croatian coast, Lim Canal Natural Park, and Rovigno. We will have time for shopping and we have lunch on the boat (wine included!).. We'll also stop by the Croatian bay for some swimming!
5:30pm we have more time for shopping and dinner..
7:30pm we will depart back to Aviano
11:30pm we will arrive back home!

I'm so excited I could explode! Kevin wasn't excited at all...he was kinda disappointed because he wanted to go to Pisa, but there are no Pisa trips in June or July.. and this was one that I was really wanting to go on, so I booked it. Once I told him there'd be swimming & wine, his attitude changed! lol

Well that's it... I just wanted to share my excitement.. wait til after July 10th for some awesome pics!

Oh and I forgot to add, this will make Ro's 4th country!

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