Monday, June 28, 2010

Last week i found a 4 leaf clover, but I have yet to see the luck.

Last week Roey and I were out at her pool.. it was a good day.. she slept all night, was eating good, the weather was amazing, and me and my peanut were poolside.. seriously, does life get any better? Then I looked down and there was a 4 leaf clover! I just looked down and there it was! No searching required! I felt golden.

So here hangs this 4 leaf clover on my fridge.. and i feel as though it's useless. I've just had the worst luck lately.

Following that day... every night was terrible.. and worse than the one before. Ro screamed and cried and didn't sleep.. she wouldn't eat solids.. ugh a nightmare.

Last night, she slept. Such a blessing.. but guess who didn't sleep? ME! My allergies flared up big time and I was up all night, miserable. So now we'll go another 5 days with her not sleeping and I missed my chance to sleep.

We woke this morning and I noticed Roey had a huge red mark on her forehead and cheek, I assumed she scratched herself and thought nothing of it. As I was putting her in the tub, I noticed she was coveredddddddd in bites. I mean, EVERYWHERE. We don't sleep with the windows open, and she was only outside for a lil while yesterday. (Surely if they happened yesterday we would have noticed when she got her evening bath... they had to of happened over night). They were huge and they were every where. Probably about 5 just on one ear. After I got her out and dried, I covered her in calamine lotion, assuming they were bites to relieve the itching.

I called and got her in to the pediatrician just to get them checked out to make sure they were normal bug bites and nothing to be worried about.. plus I wanted her to get checked out and make sure she's okay with the way she's been eating. The bites checked out okay.. the doc looked in her mouth and everything to make sure she didn't have any in there.. She told me to try keeping her door closed at night to help prevent bug bites.. usually I do keep it closed but last night her room was so dang hot.

As for her eating, she's doing okay. Doc said it's probably a phase she's going through because of teething and it should pass. It's not affecting her health and she's still gaining weight. What a relief. She's almost 21 lbs now.. my lil porker!

So now I wonder.. when am I going to catch my break? I don't think ever. lol I guess I just have the Gallaher bad luck. fml. haaha

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