Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back on the Wagon!

As most know, when I got pregnant with Ro I gained a crap ton of weight.. there were more factors than just the pregnancy that contributed to it, but after I had her I worked so hard to take it off.. (a work in progress haha).. after Roey was born, I took off 40+ lbs soooo fast! I worked so hard.. walked, worked out, counted calories.. it wasn't that hard because I made sure when we went shopping, I didn't buy any junk food that I would splurge and eat..

Then I went to the states.

Instantly, I fell off the wagon that I worked so hard to be on. Even coming back to Italy, I was in a way of bad habits that I couldn't break.. drinking soda.. eating junk.. snacking. I was eating so unhealthy and felt like a slug. Finally I told myself I had to stop. It was time to get back on track.

My first week (let's call it week Zero lol), I didn't even jump on the scale. I didn't want to know how much weight I gained during my 3 months of being in the US. I did good though.. so the beginning of week of my real Week One, I weighed myself. As I figured I was up a few pounds. By the end of Week One I was down 2.9lbs! Go Me! Now here we are one Week Two and I'm doing great! I'm going to start keeping track on here as I begin this journey (or get back on the journey I started months ago) to give me some initiative.

What am I doing you ask? Let me break it down

I've been drinking tons of water. No soda. Substituting propel for soda to give me that sweet kick so I have no desire to drink soda. No junk food... instead, I'm replacing junk food with fresh fruits.

Here's what I normal day looks like:
->Once I get up and get moving, I have a banana, to curve my appetite.
->Mid morning, I will have a bowl of special K.
->If I get the munchies before lunch, I'll have some strawberries or blueberries.
->For lunch I'll have another bowl of special K. (I usually eat a late lunch.. Ro eats her lunch around 11... by the time she eats.. then gets ready for her after lunch nap, and I get her down.. then I'll have my lunch if I'm hungry.. if not, some days I hold off til like 1:30)
->If I have an early lunch, I'll have some fruit in the afternoon to hold me over til supper
->Supper I have a normal supper.

I'm gettin so much food for all the more calories I'm taking in and I don't feel like I have no energy.. I feel pretty good! (well besides my daughter depriving me of sleep)

So, today starts the log!:
WEEK ONE: -2.9lbs

Ultimately, my New Years Resolution was to be down 50lbs.. which I'm so close to and I see that it can be achieved easily.. now I'm adding onto that, my long-longterm goal is to be back in my regular jeans by winter.

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