Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Water Baby

On Tuesday, Roey's swimming pool came! I was soo excited! lol! I blew up the pool and Kevin blew up the slide so it would be ready to be filled on Wednesday. When we got up Wednesday morning it was GORGEOUS out.. so I went out at 8am, cleaned up the dog poop in the back yard lol, and filled her pool. It took me a little while because our hose is the front of the house, so I had to take buckets from the kitchen.

By afternoon it was sooo hott out, so I decided it was pool time! Got Roey suited up (unfortunately her new swim suit didn't come yet.. and the one I have is 12 months and it's a lil tiny on her! Looks like if her new swimsuit isn't here by the weekend, we'll be hittin up the BX and gettin a temporary swimsuit).

She had SOOOOO much fun! At first she just kinda sat there. Maybe she just thought she was in the tub.. then she realized she could go places and there was no stopping her! Her little butt didn't sit still for more than 2 minutes.

While she was in the pool, she got to her knees, and pulled herself up to stand all by herself for the first time! It was pretty exciting!

Looks like we won't be hitting the pool today.. it's pretty gloamy out (granted it's only 6am, but it just doesn't look like it's going to be a nice day)..

OHH and yesterday Roey started saying MAMA! Woooot!

Here's only a few pics from our big swimming day.. enjoy! :)

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