Friday, June 25, 2010

Deal of the Day!

When we were in the states, my mom, Ro, and I went to a little boutique where Roey got tons of unique dresses, bonnets, and a headband. The headband was the cutest thing! It's one with the crochet band and hugeee flower.. i'm sure everyone's seen them.. they are quite the rave :)

(this isn't the one she got in the states.. this is a pic of deal that I ran into!)

so we paid $10 for ONE headband at the boutique back home.

I've been doing major bargain shopping lately.. browsing around for the best deals.. and I came across this awesome boutique on Etsy.. Boutique Hermosa..

The deal that I found is AMAZING.

You get to pick 6 crochet bands, plus 6 rhinestone flowers (as pictured above) any colors of your choice for the bands the flowers!.. for $10.99! (plus shipping) You can interchange the flowers and bands so your possibilities are endless! Best part, they ship APO! :)

Click the link below to get in on this amazing deal!

If it shows that the item has been sold, wait for her to repost it :)

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