Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rosalie slept.

Yes it happened last night. On the 5th night, Rosalie finally slept. We've never made it that far.. usually on the 3rd night she breaks and it sleeps.. but she toughed it out 2 extra nights before giving in.

It was great.. for her. lol. She went to bed around 7:30 and I thought for sure we were in for a rough night. She cried and cried herself to sleep.. puked all over kevin and buddy (yes it hit the dog too) before zonking out. Her teeth were just hurting sooo bad.. you can really feel the back of her mouth is raised on the right side. I don't know why she's getting her teeth out of order!

ANYWAYS. She crashed at 7:30 and Kevin and I went to bed 9. As soon as we got in bed I heard her stirring over the baby monitor and thought "so my night begins".. but I let her go and she went back to sleep.

Around 11 I woke up, I guess because my body is so use to being up by then. Just as I woke up she let out a hellasish scream. I walked in her room and she was sound asleep, completely turned sideways in her crib. So I went back to bed and I kept waking up just waiting for her to get up!

But she never did! Until 3am! She got up at 3... ate, got a fresh diaper, and crashed again.. UNTIL 7!!!!!!! We NEVER EVER get to sleep til 7! We're usually up every day by 5:30, 6 at the latest!


So we're really hoping for a beautiful day today (which it is looking it so far!) because Rosalie's new swimming pool came today.. it's superrr cute! I blew up the pool last night and Kevin blew up the slide.. now today if it's nice I'm going to fill it!

Well that's all for now. CIAO!

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