Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Christmas shopping has commenced. Yeah, I'm that crazy :)

So I have officially started Roey's Christmas shopping.. I know I'm a little crazy, but trust me, I have logics behind it. They say you shouldn't start shopping early because then you just keep buyin and spend more, but that's not my case! I made a LIST. A strict list and I'm sticking to it! What's awesome about Toys R Us website is you can make a wish list... I know, Toys R Us is overly priced, but I'm not shopping from there, I just used the wish list option that way I have an online way of keeping track of my list and then I can check off on it what I've purchased. I've actually been finding a lot of her stuff that I have on the list is a lot cheaper on Amazon. Not all the toys, but the Tag Junior Readers are A LOT cheaper on Amazon than any other place, along with Spongebob, Blues Clues, and Ni Hao Ki-Lan videos.

Anyways, back to my reasoning. Living overseas, you have no way in guaranteeing how long something will take to get here. Last year I was in major panic mode that some stuff wasn't going to get here on time. My other reason, I would rather spend a few dollars every month and space it out, rather than when November/December comes along, dish out a ton of money at one time. The end of the year is crazy for us holiday wise.. that's why my new goal is start every year in June getting ready for the end of the year holidays. That way there's no stress and I can enjoy birthdays and Christmas! We have both my dad and Kevin's dad's birthdays, Roey's birthday, and Christmas all within 2 months time. I'm hoping next month to get her birthday and Christmas Madame Alexander dolls ordered that way 2 of the big expensive items are out of the way.

A lil update on Ro..
She's been great lately.. she's getting back to her old self now.. She's finally eating good again and sleeping okay (i say okay because it's not that great for her age, but it's great compared to what she's been sleeping.. time change and teething really took a toll on her). I cleaned out the top of her closet the other day and found a TON of outfits that she could be wearing now.. some how they got mixed in with the 9-12 month stuff. She's been rather chipper and talking and spitting constantly!

We ordered Roey a swimming pool yesterday from Target. I can't wait til it comes! Then her and Audrey can have swim dates! I know she'll love it... as much as she lovesss getting baths! I hope I can make a fish outta her! lol Then of course I had to order her an extra swimsuit and matching flip flops for when we go to the beach and Barcis. I got them from Gymboree on sale, PLUS I had a coupon for 15% off! OHHH and my deal of the day yesterday.. I ordered her 2 new Spongebob movies for less than $2 a piece!!! Such an awesome deal! Especially since we've been watching the same Spongebob movie for a month now... (and some days we watch it a few times a day.. shooot me lol)...

Well I better cut it short here, I'm cooking supper and I'm pretty sure if I keep rambling I'll burn it. I'll post pictures later plus an AWESOME new recipe I tried out last night! Can't wait to share!

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