Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Teething, I'm beginning to NOT like you

As a newborn, Rosalie was an awesome sleeper. Frankly, she spoiled me. She went to bed around the same time every night.. would get up around 2-3 to eat... go back to sleep til 6.. eat.. and then sleep til like 9. It was awesome.

Since she started teething... ugh.

Well I guess I shouldn't say since she started teething.. when the first tooth came in, she was just.. fussy. When the second tooth came in, we had one full blown out screaming night. By the next morning it was in. But now.. ughh. She goes to bed at a descent time, but only sleeps for like 2 hours.. then she's up constantly.. we're on our 3rd night of no sleep. I feel like a zombie.

Last night.. was the worst.

It started at 10:00.. Roey was up and crying. Then she started puking. I gave in and woke Kevin up and had him come down and help me so I could get cleaned up and get her cleaned up.. it was just a mess.. So she was up pretty much the entire night.. and all morning she's been puking every time she eats. It's a nightmare. I just don't see the light at the end of tunnel.

I just hope it's there.

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