Monday, June 28, 2010


I forgot to add yesterday that Rosalie got her 3rd set of shots.. yes I kow, we're behind.. half my fault.. When we were in the states, no place could get her in until a month after her shots were due... so when her 3rd set came around, she wouldn't get them til she was 7 months... but I've been putting them off the past couple of weeks just because the last set was horrible. (plus with as miserable she has been with teething, I didn't want to add that on top of it)

She did really good this time... she barely cried. She's so tough. We discussed with her pediatrician about not gettin the oral rotavirus just because of the effects it had on her the last 2 times.. the first time she puked it up instantly.. same with the second time.. except the second time she puked for like 5 days after she got it.. Her pediatrician said that the 6 month one isn't that important.. rotavirus is more likely to affect newborns. So she didn't get it.

She came home from her shots and zonked out.. woke up and ate and got some tylenol in her because she had a low grade temp.. got a bath.. and zonked out again at 6:30 and slept for 9 hours.. when she woke up she had another low grade temp and it took me awhile to get her back to sleep.. but she finally went around 4ish and slept til 7:30!

When she woke up, I couldn't give her tylenol because she can only take it in food.. so as soon as she got up at 7:30 i got some cereal in her so I could give her some tylenol. The problem: it was my last bit of tylenol (well generic because of the recall).. well the commissary has nothing.. not even generic.. so I'm going to have to call pediatrics today and see if they can call her something into the pharmacy. Who woulda thought that something would be as hard as getting tylenol? lol

Today is looking gorgeous.. so hopefully we can get out to the pool this afternoon!


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