Friday, September 17, 2010

What's Going on in the Hollis House

Boy.. things have been.. crazy.

First off, I'm going to start volunteering at the hospital. Maybe 1 or 2 days a week.. just to get back in the swing of x-ray taking and hoping to eventually turn it into a job. It'll be a while though before I start because I'm going through the whole process of orientations and yaddy-ya. PLUS I have to find Rosalie childcare. She's been signed up to go the CDC (Which is our daycare on base), but she's on a waiting list. I'm also considering doing the parent co-op. I volunteer my time at the co-op and in exchange I can take Rosalie there while I volunteer at the hospital. I put so much thought into this. I don't want to leave her.. even if it is for a few hours.. but she NEEDS it. She needs more interaction with other kids and needs some time away from mommy because when we do go back to the states and I do go back to work, the separation will be hard for her if I don't start doing a little weening. I'm also considering going to play group that way she has more interaction with other kids. So that's that.

Rosalie also had a play date this week with our neighbor boy. Those two are just too cute. Rosalie seemed to have a good time.. but it was a rough teething week and she ended up puking every where and they both started getting a lil whiney so that ended their date after about 2 hours. lol

I've been on a new recipe kick lately. Cooking and baking so watch out. Recipes are going to start flooding my blog! Out of everything I've tried, only one thing was a no-go. I attempted to make calzones and Kevin said it was just too much meat and not saucy enough for him. They were hard to make, especially considering I was doing the dough from scratch, so no sweat off my back. I won't attempt to make them again. I found lots of new recipes to try next week so I'm pretty pumped! I recently discovered Pilsbury has recipes on their website and I found some good ones, plus I've been spending a lot of time on Taste of Home. I have a Taste of Home cook book too, but I've pretty much went through it and dug out everything I wanna try in it.

Rosalie is trying to get her molars.. a nightmare. She screams. Digs in her ears and mouth. It takes tylenol, teething tablets, and orajel all together to pacify her. Her appetite has decreased again. At least she is still eating and not puking up everything like she usually does with teeth.

Well I have to get a baby down for a nap, so I'm cutting it off here. Ciao.

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