Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trick or Treat Bag

When I was little, my mom always went above and beyond with Halloween. I always had the best and coolest costumes.. her trick or treat bags were always done up really nice... and I even had my own special "loot bag". Back then, everyone just used grocery store bags or those big plastic generic bags you buy with a halloween picture on them, but my mom bought me a cloth bag that was shaped like a kittys face and was embroidered. It was so nice and it was nicer than anyone elses! I wanted Rosalie to have a special trick or treat bag that we could use throughout the years. I started looking last week on Etsy, but there was just so much that everything was starting to look the same.. I found two that were "okay".. but I wasn't ready to commit. So yesterday I did a google search and viewed all the shopping results and when I saw this one, I knew she had to have it! With no hesitation, I ordered. Ahh I can't wait for it to come, it's so adorable. She has pictures on Sunday so it would be awesome if it came in before then.. I doubt it though. I'm sure I probably won't get it until next week. I just had to share :)

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