Monday, September 20, 2010


My newest obsession.

Okay so maybe it started back when I was pregnant with Rosalie. After her baby shower, I wanted to scrapbook all of her shower pics but didn't want to spend all the time and money into making a scrapbook. (Something I use to love doing and now I just don't have the time and desire).. That was when I discovered Photo Books on Shutterfly! AMAZING. So I made this big 12 x 12 book of all of the pics from Rosalie's shower... and never got it printed because it was kind of expensive.. soooo the book stayed in my shutterfly account.

Then last Christmas came along. I made my mom and Kevin's mom books of Rosalie's first month pics. They came out soo nice!

Then about a month ago I got an offer from Shutterfly for a free book! I spend soo much at Shutterfly (My 2nd favorite website, Gymboree being #1 of course!) so I'm a preferred customer and get all sorts of great offers all the time. I had this free 8 x 8 photobook and didn't know what to do with it. It was a one day deal. I said forget it, I don't know what to make! The next morning I get up and have an e-mail from Shutterfly saying they extended the offer.. I knew it was a sign. I decided to make a book of the pics from Verona when we took my mom since it's one of my favorite places and it was hers too. The book came out soo nice.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Yup.. go ahead and look! :)

My mom loved it.. she wanted a copy! So I changed a few things like the cover page and ordered her her own. She said that she wished she had one with her Venice pics.. so I made her one with her Venice pics too! It's so much fun!

Then I got all these special offers from Shutterfly and decided to order Rosalie's $60 baby shower book (only a year later! lol!) With all my special offers I only ended up paying $30 (that includes shipping!)! AWESOME
Yup, you can go ahead and view it too!

I can't wait for all my books to come!

Now, I've started my next project.. a birthday present for my dad.. shhh don't tell him! lol! It's a hard cover book of his racing career! It's going to take some time since I have to have my mom scan pictures and e-mail them to me.. but I know he's going to love it! I've got the layout made, fonts, and colors picked out.. I started the cover of it.. and I got some pics in it.. from years 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010.. but now I have to wait on my mom because I don't have anything else! Don't tell him :) It's secret.

If you've never made a photo book.. it's an awesome way to preserve your pictures with no need of a photo album, scrapbooking supplies, or actual pictures! Just upload your pics to shutterfly and add them to the book!

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