Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 12 Weight in.

With Mom's visit, I skipped 2 weigh ins. I can only imagine what my stats looked like when she was here.. we were constantly in the car so most days my diet consisted of chips, peanut m&ms, and twizzlers. Real healthy huh? lol! Plus I drank soda.. wine.. ate big Italian meals. I was petrified of getting on the scale this week. To my amazement, I pulled HUGE numbers this week!!! I'm down FOUR pounds. Yup. Read it and weep.. FOURRRRR! That's the biggest number I've pulled since the beginning of my weightloss (which was easy to do then because I was like 70 lbs overweight). Gettin a number like that makes gives me ambition and makes me want to work even harder next week. I'm so close to my ultimate goal.. I'm so excited I could explode. Let's look at the numbers shall we!

Week One: -2.9lbs
Week Two: -1.3lbs
Week Three: +.9 (Boo. lol)
Week Four: --
Week Five: --
Week Six: -1.3lbs
Week Seven: 0lbs
Week Eight: -3.3lbs
Week Nine: -2.0lbs
Week Eleven: VACATION
Week Twelve: -4lbs

Total Weight Loss to Date: -55.8 lbs
Total Weight Loss in 12 Weeks: -13.9lbs!
First Goal of -50 Pounds: REACHED
Pounds Until New Goal (-70lbs): 14.2 lbs

I guess since I'm having so much success, I can write about how the weight is coming off. WW is all a points system. First you must figure out how many points you are allowed. You can determine by going to this website.

Great, now that you have established how many points you can have it, it's all about keeping track of how many points you use in a day. Using this calculator will make figuring out points a lot easier. Or even what I do, is I will google things.. for example I'll type in: WW points for a bowl of Special K and BAM, usually you'll find cheat sheets and what not that people have posted online. Or you can on ebay and buy a food companion and an actual calculator.. but I wasn't committed to buying stuff in the beginning because I didn't know that I would actually stick with this.

It's not just about counting your points and proportioning (which is the key) but you must get certain nutrients.. you must make sure you are getting fruits and veggies and dairy in through out the day. It is also VERY crucial that you get at least 8 glasses of water a day. I hate drinking regular water... but I started buyin the crystal light packets and I have absolutely no problem getting at least 64 oz in a day.. usually I go way over it!

You also get a free 30 extra points a week.. which I hardly ever use unless we go out to eat.

Some things I tend to favor..
Yoplait Light Yogurt.. 2 pts
Gala Apple.. 1 pt
WW blueberry muffin.. 3 pts.
WW chocolate cake.. 1 pt.
1/2 can Progesso soup.. 2 pts. (Unless you get the WW ones, then they are 1 pt for 1/2 a can)
20 Mini Pretzels.. 2 pts
WW Fudge Icecream bar.. 1 pt
Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones meals.. usually around 6 pts, depends on the meal.. but they say right on the box the point value!

Well I'm not no WW rep.. I don't go to meetings or anything.. I'm just going by when I went to meetings years ago and by stuff that I have found on the internet.. and I'm having results, AWESOME results I might add.. so I hope some people take what I've learned and use it and work on a healthier you. I know I feel amazing. Im so proud of myself and can't wait to knock about 2 more sizes off so I can fit into my old jeans. I'm at an awkward point right now.. my new clothes i bought are now entirely too big and literally fall off my hips.. but my old clothes are a little too small still (granted, I did squeeze into an old pair of my pre-prego shorts and it was an awesome feeling. A few weeks ago I just managed to do the button.. now they are falling off! It's seriously the most amazing feeling (other than birthing a child of course!).. Hope I've helped at least one person!


  1. Congrats on those big numbers. YOu are doing so awesome. I think I may have to give this point thing a go soon. Keep it girl you are about to hit your goal in no time! hehe

  2. Thanks Doris! It's so hardddd especially when my husband is home.. I'm hoping when he deploys that I have all my pregnancy weight off and be working towards a new goal.