Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Longest Week. Ever.

Where to even begin... the past fews days have just ran together. I don't know where one day ended and the next began.

Let's roll back to Monday.

During the day Rosalie was a lil stuffy and had a runny nose. Nothing serious. Then nighttime rolls around and she develops this atrocious fever. As soon as I'd get her to sleep and lay her in her crib, she'd wake up crying because everything would run to her head and she would get stuffier. I even tried elevating the head of her mattress but the incline just wasn't enough. I wanted her to sleep in her room because I had the vaporizer going and I knew it would help clear her out.. but it never happened. I spent the entire night sitting on the couch so she could sleep on my chest sitting up. At one point I did get into a "comfy" position and wrapped my arms around her and went to sleep. It was only for about an hour. She'd only sleep for 15 minutes and wake up crying. She was so hott I had her in just her diaper and she was dripping and burning up. Tylenol wasn't touching her fever. She did sleep straight from 3-4 and that's when I slept. Other than that, she was up basically the whole night.

First thing in the morning I called the hospital to get her in. They couldn't see her until 1:20. Go figure. I had an appt at 9:50 at the clinic and I didn't want to cancel it because it took me forever to get it, so I figured her and I could kill a lil time in between appts. MISTAKE. She was so sick she just wanted to be home. I asked Peds if they could see her earlier.. they manage to get her in a whopping 20 minutes early. Her ears were clear and lungs were clear but she had a fever of 101.5. He gave us some more tylenol, saline to flush out her nose, and nose drops to put in after I sucked her out. So every four hours Rosalie was getting tylenol, her nose sprayed with saline, sucked out, then medicine put in her nose. She got 3 baths yesterday to work on lowering her temp. Finally around 5-6ish her temp finally started coming down. She still didn't sleep last night. She was up about every hour. I'm flat out exhausted.

And of course it was bound to happen.. I'm sick. GOOOOO FIGURE. You know what it's like dealing with a sick baby when neither of you have slept and you're sick yourself? Mannnnnn. I need a break. Is it the weekend yet?

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