Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today, you have been too good to me.

Wow. My life has been a rollercoaster lately with hormones (and no, i'm NOT pregnant).. the birth control I'm on (I know, TMI) has me so messed up and I've been an emotional wreck lately... serious mood swings, feeling down and blue for no reason, no energy, but today, things have changed! Maybe it was because I got sleep last night, I'm none to sure, but I feel great.

Rosalie slept 8 straight hours last night, something she hasn't done in months. Thank you teething. Even though she was wide awake at 4:15, I didn't care. I felt amazing. An awesome thing about sleep, when you go without it, a few hours seem amazing. I felt like I could run a marathon when I got up. For the first time in weeks I woke up thinking "I'm ready to start today". And that's what I did. I got up and started my day.

By 9am my house was almost spotless and my morning routine was done. Rosalie was fed and bathed. By 10:30am, Rosalie was down for a nap, my house was immaculate, bread was rising, I was showered, had make up on, and real clothes. It's been forever since I've put real clothes on during the week. Usually I just live in sweats (who sees me besides kevin and rosalie?), but today I had the ambition to get real clothes on!

My neighbor came over after Ro got up from her nap.. it was nice talking to someone other than a 10 month old and a dog. I felt my sanity slowly coming back to me with every bit of conversation.. any more I feel like I'm a shut in!

Something else good happened this afternoon.. but I'm not about to talk about it on my blog... not just yet.. and again, no I'm not pregnant.

Now it's time for me to stuff some chicken breasts and peel some potatoes. I'm making Kevin and Chris an awesome supper tonight... too bad I can't enjoy it. Eff you diet.

I lied.. no pics yet lol.. I swear they are still on my camera.. more and more accumulating every day!

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