Sunday, September 19, 2010

A sick baby and picture update

Hmm yesterday. Rosalie didn't nap at all. She fell asleep while eating lunch, so we took her out, got her dressed (while she was still sleeping) and went to the base. She woke up half way there and that was her nap for the day. Terrible. She's use to napping twice a day.. at least an hour each nap.

Around 5:30, she passed out. Understandable since she didn't sleep all day. Usually when this happens, she naps for half an hour, gets up, eats, baths, and goes back to bed. TWO hours passed and she wouldn't get up. It took Kevin awhile to get her to get up. She was soo whiney. I got a bottle in her and she was fine, so I got her bathed. She was WIRED. Doesn't surprise me since she had slept for over two hours.

At 8, I decided it was time for her to go to bed. I got her all fresh and got a bottle.. she finished it and I took her to bed. No fight, she went right to sleep. At 9 I went to bed since Kevin was watching the Steelers game, as usual I went in and checked on her before I went to bed and she puked everywhere. She didn't cry. Just puked and went back to sleep. We have really sensitive baby monitors so I'm really shocked we didn't hear her. Good thing she's a belly sleeper.. and she was smart enough to move to the bottom of the crib instead of laying in it. So at 9 at night, Kevin took her into our room, stripped her down, I gave her a lil sponge bath and put fresh jammies on her. I stripped down her bed sheets, wiped down her mattress, and put fresh sheets on. Thank god she has TWO blanks that are pretty much identical because i switched her blank out (even though it was puke covered she still was cuddling with it when i went in) and gave her a fresh one.

So then I didn't sleep all night. Because of her teeth, Rosalie has a runny nose so she was coughing a lot last night and every time she'd let out a cough, I'd run in and check on her and make sure she wasn't puking. I literally just laid in bed all night and stared at the baby monitor.

Now she's sick this morning.. a stuffy and runny nose.. and a lil cough. I'm going to hook up her vaporizer and get it going before she naps that way she can get a good nap in. At least she's happy! She's being quite the lil goof this morning.

On another note, Rosalie's winter wardrobe is starting to roll in! I seriously love Gymboree more than words can describe hahah! I love how adorable everything is, how everything matches, and how everything stays so nice. This is one of Rosalie's new outfits. It has a sweater that goes with it that has cakes on it, but it wasn't cold enough yesterday for her to wear it. I wish I could find the matching tights.. but I can't even find them on ebay. boooooo.

Rosalie got this rocking horse for Christmas last year.. it's been up in her room since and every time she's up there she wants on it.. so finally brought it downstairs
She's suchhhh a clown
Wearing one of her new bows from Miss Khloe's Bows. I love that place!

Sooo on another note, I plan on hitting my diet hard this week. My goal is 2 lbs. I'm so close to 60 lbs. I can't wait to hit my 70 lb goal so then I can start working towards a new goal! By next Christmas (2011) I want to be down 100 lbs total! That would be AWESOME. I think it's feasible since Kevin will be deployed next year.

Ciao for now!

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