Monday, September 27, 2010


Last week was terrrrrible. Only a few days into Rosalie being sick, I came down with it. We didn't sleep allll week and I was longing for the weekend so I could at least sleep in and Kevin could get up with Ro when she got up for the day. Of course, the weekend rolls around and guess who gets sick.. Kevin. We've been super lazy. I completely cheated on my diet last week. I was so tired and exhausted that I didn't even care what I ate. I finally got back on track yesterday and even forced myself to work out. It was fun though.. we did Wii Fit as a family! Rosalie sat and watched and laugheeeed. I have a video I'll have to upload eventually. We have our dog programmed into the Wii Fit and on some of the challenges Buddy runs with you and omg does she go nuts when she sees Buddy on the tv.

Everyone's starting to feel better. Rosalie's has moved to her chest and she's rattling a little bit, but she can at least breathe now. Kevin's slowly getting better... at least he's not glued to the couch . I'm feeling pretty good, just exhausted. Last night was the first night that Rosalie KINDA OF slept. She slept at least 7 hours straight.. and then was up periodically. The past week she's been up every hour, so last night was a step forward! I don't think she's that sick now, I just think her sleep schedule is just that out of whack.

I've been getting ready for the holidays since I haven't had the ambition to do anything else this past week. I ordered a few presents for Rosalie for Christmas and got my Christmas cards completely stuffed and addressed (minus the 3 addresses I'm missing). All of the decorations, plates, cups, silverware, balloons, ect are ordered and here for Rosalie's birthday party. I even got favors for the boxes, just need to get candy for the pinata, which I plan on getting this week since Halloween candy is out right now so I have more of a variety. I ordered my trick or treat bags for the neighborhood kids and they came, so this week I can get my candy and stuff them and make them up all pretty with curly ribbon! I've almost finished my dad's birthday book.. it's the bomb diggity. I have everyone's birthday/christmas presents picked out.. just a matter of ordering everything. This week when we get paid I plan on ordering Rosalie's birthday outfit (which is EXTREMELY cute and matches her decor perfectly!) and I've been looking for a personalized trick or treat bag for Rosalie that we will have to use through out the years, I just haven't decided on one yet.

I'm getting pretty excited for the Holidays.. I love Christmas time!

Rosalie will be getting her Halloween pictures done this weekend with Fritsche Photography. I'm really excited cause her halloween costume is sooo cute. She was suppose to get them done last weekend, but she was so snotty so we decided to reschedule.

I just wanted to add a quick update and let everyone know how the family is doing... time to go get Kevin fed!


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