Sunday, September 5, 2010

Venice, Italy

I actually started this blog entry weeks ago, but my computer froze in the process of adding pics and I just completely forgot about it. I still have my Florence, Pisa, Polcenigo entries to do.. ahhh I'm slacking!

This was our 3rd trip to Venice. We went for my birthday when we first got to Italy.. then we went for Valentines Day the following year for Carnivale (BIG mistake.. it's tooo crowded for Carnivale).. then we took my mom down during her stay here.

Everything went smoothly.. I looked up the train schedule before we left so we timed it just perfectly. Rosalie was pretty well behaved on the ride down. We got down there, walked around.. walked to the San Marco square (and of course got gelato at our favorite stand on the way).. went and saw the basillica, went to the hard rock, did some major shopping (Well mom did at least lol), then took the water taxi back and enjoyed the ride down the canal. It was time to go home; we were all tired and Rosalie was getting fussy.

We got back to the train station and my wonderful husband went and got us pizza. We were there kind of early so we got prime seats on the train. It was also empty going back so it was so nice!

Mom at the Sacile train station
Daddy and Roey at the train station
Roey digging the train ride.

Mom and I in Venice

The Chisea degli Scalzi (the Scalzi Church).. it's right outside the train station in Venice. You can see the train station to the left.

Mom, Roey, and I in front of the San Marco Basillica in the Square in Venice

Kevin, Ro, and I in front of the basillica.. would have been a great pic hadn't it of been for the creeper to the right in the blue shirt.

Family on the Rialto bridge... not such a good pic.. but it was hard to get one cause there were so many people.. not to mention I have such an awesome fake smile going on.

Kevin and Ro infront of the Chiesa degli Scalzi

Every time we've gone to Venice, I've eyed these melting clocks up in this lil shop on the way to the square. They are made in Bologna out of marble, and only so many are made each year of each design.. well my mom got me one! I love it!

Riding down the canal

The Grand Canal with the Rialto bridge in the background. Probably one of my favorite pics!

The Rialto Bridge

Rosalie on the train ride home.. she was a hot mess lol

Playing with her footsies going through Venice

I took probably 100 pics... like I do every time I go to Venice.. but these are the highlights :) This will probably be our last trip to Venice, unless family come over and want to go.. it's not an easy trip with a baby cause there are sooo many stairs!

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