Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pat's Photo Shoot

For those who know my husband, know that he is a DIE HARD Steelers fan. He's such a football nut it isn't even funny. WELL, Rosalie received a really nice gift from her Aunt Sandy.. a New England Patriots cheerleader outfit! I'm not a football person, so I just thought "awe that's cute.".. where as Kevin, well he got pretty bent out of shape over it! lol! So I had to slap it on her today and get some pics.. She was so photogenic today, but apparently I'm new to the whole picture taking thing, and a lot came out kinda fuzzy. (What the heck Mandee? Seriously.) Here are a few that turned out rather cute! Hope Aunt Sandy loves them!

(She looks so darn big in this one.. I can't believe in just a lil over 2 months old she'll be a year old.. where is the time going?)

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