Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pisa, Italy

Pisa.. is overrated. lol. We took a 2 day trip down to the tuscany area.. one day would be spent at Florence and the second day would be spent in Pisa. We stayed the night at Camp Darby, an army base, and it was TERRIBLE. It was probably the worst night's sleep I've ever gotten. The beds were pretty much cots.. it was dirty.. ughh. To think we paid $75 a night for it. Never again. We'll stay in an Italian hotel if we go back down that way. It was convenient because it was only 10 minutes from the Leaning Tower.

So we got up and got ready for the day.. checked out.. and headed to Pisa. We parked like 2 minutes from the tower and thought it just seemed shady because it was these Jamaican guys directing everyone to park. I figured it was because they were trying to sell their knock off stuff, but whatever. We paid for our parking and headed to the tower. Everything to see in Pisa is in one little square. We spent an hour looking at the three structures, shopping, and then headed back to the car. We load up the jeep and leave.

We're going down the road and mom hears air coming in. We pull over and sure enough the freaken Jamaican guys broke into my jeep through the back window. At least they were smart enough to unzip the window and not cut it. I would have died had they of cut it. The only thing we had in the way back was our suitcases of clothes so they didn't get anything. If they would have leaned up into the back seat (which i don't think it would have been feasible), they would have gotten Rosalie's dvd player which would have made for a LONG ride home.

ohhh apparently I'm too short. Hahah actually we were not in a good spot, plus my height, made for a crapola picture.

Mom, Ro, and I in front of the famous Leaning Tower

The Hollis Family at the Leaning Tower. Love this pic of us

He thinks he is too cool.

Wish my pic turned out as cool as Kevins :(

The Cathedral and the Leaning Tower

The Baptistery, which also leans.

Love this pic of us!

Spray paint artist

Pisa was too much for Miss Rosalie lol

All three structures

The Leaning Tower and the Cathedral

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