Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 14 Weigh In

CHA-CHING! Another loss week! But I gained something this week... a lil bit of self esteem! I told myself I wasn't going to try on old pre-pregnancy clothes until I was down 10 more pounds, but the weather has been changing and we've been having some chilly fall days. With this, not only did I panic and order Rosalie a crap ton of warmer clothes, but I panicked about my situation... I don't have any jeans to fit! Last winter I was convinced that I was going to fit back into my old AE jeans that I refused to buy new jeans. So now here comes this winter, and I still have no jeans. In my panic mode, I went to my closet and started pulling out all my old pregnancy clothes, setting myself up for a let down. Surprisingly, TWO pairs of jeans fit! PLUS I tried on old capris and TWO of them fit as well! It was such a happy moment for me. About 2 months ago I couldn't even get them up over my butt, let alone up over my butt and buttoned! That was my moment when i said to myself "The rest of this weight is coming off". I want to fit in those other jeans so bad, but hey, two is better than none! On another positive note, I'm down TWO pants sizes! WOOOT! The stuff that I bought this summer won't even stay up over my hips!

As I said, this week was a loss week. I'm down another 1.3 pounds. Anything over a pound I feel is a good week. I can't believe how far I've come. I won't lie, I'm so proud of myself. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that I can get back to my old weight. If you would have asked me that 6 months ago, I would of said there was no way, that I would just have to accept this new me.

Now let's look at the numbers shall we!

Week One: -2.9lbs
Week Two: -1.3lbs
Week Three: +.9 (Boo. lol)
Week Four: --
Week Five: --
Week Six: -1.3lbs
Week Seven: 0lbs
Week Eight: -3.3lbs
Week Nine: -2.0lbs
Week Eleven: VACATION
Week Twelve: -4lbs
Week Thirteen: -0.4lbs
Week Fourteen: -1.3lbs

Total Weight Loss to Date: -57.5 lbs
Total Weight Loss in 14 Weeks: -15.6lbs!
First Goal of -50 Pounds: REACHED
Pounds Until New Goal (-70lbs): 12.5 lbs

I love a loss week. It gives you the motivation to pull through the next week. Oh, and those numbers, I even pulled that off with having 2 cinnamon buns since the last weigh in! Shame on me! lol

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