Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Whew. Lots of new entries. I posted from our trips to Pisa, Polcenigo, and Venice. I got some new pics and videos up of Miss Rosalie. That's it for today. We had a rough night. No, scratch that, rough morning. Rosalie was up at 3:30, which is the longest she has slept in awhile, but went back to bed. She was exhausted. Well the neighbor's dog woke her up at 6am, and she was NOT ready to get up. She has whined and cried all morning because she's still tired. Hopefully she takes an early nap. We've got errands to run today and I can't do it with a whiney baby! That's it for now.. hope you enjoy all the new entries. I'll try to do Florence some time this week. It was my favorite place :)
(you'll have to go a ways back to the see the Venice entry! I don't know why! Or just click here)

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