Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 17 Weigh In

No big numbers this week.. but at least i still lost. I've decided I'm going to start doing weigh ins every other week that way i'm not discouraged by these few ounces that I lose one week. I wasn't expecting to do well this week.. i stuck to my points, but didn't drink near as enough water as I should have!

Now let's look at the numbers shall we!

Week One: -2.9lbs
Week Two: -1.3lbs
Week Three: +.9 (Boo. lol)
Week Four: --
Week Five: --
Week Six: -1.3lbs
Week Seven: 0lbs
Week Eight: -3.3lbs
Week Nine: -2.0lbs
Week Eleven: VACATION
Week Twelve: -4lbs
Week Thirteen: -0.4lbs
Week Fourteen: -1.3lbs
Week Fifteen: SICK
Week Sixteen: -3.5 lbs
Week Seventeen: -.2lbs

Total Weight Loss to Date: -61.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss in 16 Weeks: -18.13bs!
First Goal of -50 Pounds: REACHED
Pounds Until New Goal (-70lbs): 8.14 lbs

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