Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 5 of 30 Days of Me

Day 05
A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

This one was kind of hard because I have been to so many beautiful and amazing places and while I do love Italy, I'm still a sucker for the ocean. Florence has been one of my most favorite places in Italy, but of all the places we've been to, Rovinj, Croatia was probably my most favorite place in Europe. Well, it's not really considered Europe because it's not part of the European market.. so I should say my favorite place we've been to while stationed in Europe. Croatia is such a beautiful country and honestly I never knew it even existed until we moved over here. (I'm ashamed to say my geography is TERRIBLE. Guess that's why I'm in the medical field!) The water's are so unbelievably beautiful and blue that you can barely tell where the ocean ends and the horizon begins. It's def a must see if you are in Europe!

(doesn't it just look like a painting!?)


  1. Love Croatia! SO CHEAP! My favorite place over here too! The only place I want to go that I think would be better is Greece!

  2. I want to go to Greece too! I told Kevin I would love to do a cruise down to Greece before we leave here. I doubt we will because kevin will be leaving here soon and when he gets back we'll have less than year and we have so much stuff planned already when he gets back!