Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here's to a New Day.

Did you ever have one of those days you want to just drop over and cry? I totally had that day yesterday. Rosalie woke up half an hour earlier than usual, which wasn't really much of a deal to me because I haven't been sleeping lately. She was a crab though. We have a morning routine and if Rosalie doesn't take her morning nap, she's bear the rest of the day. She gets real whiney and bratty. If that morning nap doesn't happen, it throws off her eating schedule... it just messes up her entire day. Well she refused to nap... for TWO hours i worked trying to get her to nap. Finally I gave in. Around 1 she finally fell asleep (and hadn't eaten lunch). She usually lays down by 9-9:30. I went upstairs and started tearing my upstairs apart when my neighbors dog proceeded to wake Rosalie up. She only slept for about 15 minutes. Surprise Surprise. It's an ongoing battle with our neighbors dogs. They neglect this dogs ALL day long and they bark hysterically ALL day long. It's really starting to get old. So you can imagine at that point I lost it. I went off the wall flipping. I fought for another hour to get Rosalie back to sleep and it was a losing battle. Then everything went wrong yesterday. Everything I touched I dropped, spilled, or hurt myself. At 6:30 at night I was still tryin to get my housework done, something that's usually done before noon. Needless to say, I was ready for bed and ready to start a new day.

On Wednesday Rosalie had an appointment with the pediatrician to get a rash checked out on her belly. I knew it was eczema. She's had problems with it since she was a newborn and her doctor gave her aqua phor, which has helped in the past, but this time it wasn't even touching it. He gave her a mild steroid cream that we are to try for a week. If it doesn't go away after that, he wants me to bring her back in and he's going to either give her a stronger steroid cream, or possibly need to do some tests. We've been using it for a day and a half now and it seems to be clearing it.

I also took the time to get Rosalie's scrapbook up to date. I take so many pictures that there is no possible way I would have the time or money to scrapbook them all. SOOO for Christmas I asked my mom for this adorable pre-made scrapbook from Hallmark. I've been doing 1 or 2 pages of Rosalie every month and holidays of her first year. I also printed pictures for Rosalie's baby book that I was behind on. Don't get me wrong, her baby book is ALWAYS up to date with information, but sometimes I slack on pictures just because I like to print them from home instead of ordering them from shutterfly and I don't always have ink and paper here. So now that's up to date.

I also sat and filled out the invitations for Rosalie's birthday party, which was when I discovered that I didn't order enough! YIKES. So i hurried up and ordered another pack and hopefully they are here this week so I can get them out the following. Celebrate Express is USUALLY really good with getting stuff out pretty quick.

We've been spending some time at the park lately. Rosalie LOVESSS the park.. well duh, what kid doesn't lol.. but she loves to swing. Kevin had Monday off so we went and she had such a good time.. then her and I went before her doctors appointment, but we were only there about 20 minutes because Rosalie started to get tired.

I've been doing good with my diet this week, but I'm not jumping on the scale.. not til next week! It's weird not weighing myself first thing Friday morning. I was slacking on my water but I've been doing good again. I'm drinking on an average of 72 oz a day.

Today I plan on printing pictures from when we went to Pisa and Florence so I can get that book done. Mom and I got these beautiful albums that are made in Florence that way I can keep those pictures separate from all of my other trips. I also have to get my dad's birthday present ordered that way it gets to him on time. The photobooks sometimes take a few weeks to be made.. and Rosalie are going to get Kevin's dad's birthday gift today too. My mom asked me to pick her up some vino and grappa so we'll probably do that this afternoon too.. check the mail.. and then we're picking Kevin up from work so we can get groceries. Busy busy day!

WELLLL I think I've rambled on enough today. Here's some pics :)


(it looks like she was crying.. but she's actually laughing hysterically)

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