Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 3 of 30 Days of Me

Day 03
A picture of you and your friends

Let's start with everyone near and dear

My lovely ladies.. Kate, Abbey, Kayla, Joc, and Abby.. and of course the love of my life Kevin... the guys we love in our life.. both of Kevin's brothers, my brother Matt, my "step brother" John, Burch, and Jacob Tanner.

My best friend Kate. She's my blood relative.. but she's so much more than that. She's pretty much my other half. She use to live literally down the road from me.. we spent every waking moment together.. even if we couldn't see each other during the day, she'd show up at my house just to crawl in bed and watch a movie :) Moving across the world from her was the hardest thing. (Oh and the funny thing about this pic, she showed up at my house and we were completely dressed identical, UNPLANNED. Even had the same coats on that night. That's how much a like we are. lmao.

NEXT. Kayla and Abb. Two of the funnest people you'd ever meet. We've had so many memories together. This is from my 21st birthday.. most people go out bar hopping.. we packed up and went to the Outerbanks for mine and were real chill.. just drinking on the beach. Best vacation.. ever. (and they love my dad so much it's scary... IE the pic of Kayla and I with my dad at John's Graduation Toga party that my parents hosted)

Chad. How we came to be is kind of funny. Chad is a few years older than me and we attended the same elementary school.. population 200 lol. We never really knew each other. Then in COLLEGE we ended up in the same human biology class. He comes up to me and is like "hey. you're teddy and matt's sister aren't you?" I was like "Uh huh." THEN turns out we were in the same major so we had all the same x-ray classes. We became QUITE the pair. We were always in trouble. We graduated.. and ended up working at the same hospital together. He's such an amazing friend!

Then we have my brothers and yes I do consider them friends. They are just.. awesome.

Then of course, my nonbiological brother John. He's been around for oh say the past like 6-7 years. He started out as working for my dad, but pretty much became family

and of course..the love of my life.. Kevin Paul.. it's been almost 6 years since we first started dating.. ahh how the time flies!

Doing this was kind of depressing. 1, it makes me really miss everyone close to me stateside.. and 2, these pics are all from like 2008 and it makes me sad to realize how skinny i was then :( I know I've worked hard.. but to get to the person i was back then, I have a long way to go.


  1. Nice post! I see you had a Christmas time wedding too? We got married the first time at my parents house..(a month after getting engaged) on Christmas Eve. We then had a big, big wedding a year later on the 23. Such a beautiful time to get married!

  2. We planned a christmas wedding because it just seemed to work out with Kevin's tech school. We set the date for the 13th and had everything ordered.. and then found out that he wouldn't be home until the following week.. so we had to change everything.. reorder invitations.. even lost our dj because he was a hot commodity and you had to book him like a year in advance. We ended up getting married on the 27th and planned for a snowy wedding... my mom even got fur capes for me and all my girls.. we're from PA so we figured it was going to be cold and a blizzard.. of course, no snow that day and it was in the 60s.. like a record. goooo figure. hahahhaha