Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weight Watchers

So this is something I've been contemplating for a few weeks now and finally decided to take action. A few years ago I did weight watchers. It wasn't like at the time I really needed it, I was happy with myself, but you can always take a few pounds off right :). I was probably 20 pounds smaller then.. but it worked! I did lose weight and I felt great. After looking into it, I found everything I needed online. I found out how many points I'm allowed and a calculator to figure out how many points are in everything I eat. I remembered the gist of it.. like you need to get 8 waters in a day and so many fruits and veggies and dairy. I'm really hoping for some results. I've even been trying to get active again (which is hard when you have an almost 9 month old that is only a strict schedule during the day).. first thing yesterday morning we went for a walk down into Campagna.. it was nice. Then i spent some time outside in the heat pulling weeds. I've done good with it so far (since I only started on Friday after I did my weigh in). I just want to fit back into my jeans.. I think about the thousands of dollars I have in American Eagle jeans up in my closet that I can't wear and it makes me sick lol. Well.. we'll find out on Friday how well this goes :)

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