Saturday, August 14, 2010

Countdown to Mommy :)

My mom arrives in Venice in FOURRRRRRRR days! I've been trying to stay busy to pass the time.. but the weather hasn't really been allowing it! I've been working on pulling weeds.. but I get like an hour of work in before the rain starts. I managed to at least get the sidewalk done.

We were soooo busy today..
Rosalie and I were up at 5:30.. apparently she knew I had lots to do today! After we got our morning routine done and Peanut took a nap, we headed to the base... we got there at like 0930. We went straight to the laundromat to beat the rush, and washed our comforter and sheets. While our stuff was watching, we booked it over to the BX so I could get bedroom curtains (Which I lucked out... I wanted chocolate colored panels, and they only had TWO left).. I needed 2 pillows.. and they only had TWO left!... They had pillow cases that matched our bedroom perfectly.. so once again I lucked out! I got picture hooks so I could hang pictures in our bathrooms because the walls are tile so we can't drill into them... the adhesive hooks worked perfectly.

After the BX, Kevin went for a hair cut and I went to this little wine stand to get my mom's favorite wine. Roey and I went back to the barber shop to wait for Kevin and the bottle ended up falling out of my diaper bag and exploded in the barber shop. EMBARRASSING. The girls were super cool about it and luckily the wine smelled amazing.

We went back to the laundromat to put our stuff in the dryers and waited. It took FOREVER.

2 hours later lol.. we hit the PO then we went back to the BX to get some lunch and ended up running into Meghan, Derek, and Audrey so we hung out with them for a lil bit... We went back to the wine stand to replace the one I broke and ended up getting a Moscato too cause Kevin loves it.. We went and got groceries and headed home.

I got my curtains ironed and Kevin hung them.. I got my pictures hung in my bathrooms.. and ironed my bed sheets. I had intentions of cleaning the jeep out and pulling weeds... BUT it's pouring. ugh.

So it looks like I'll be busy tomorrow... that's all for now.. here's some pics :)

Isn't she the most beautiful little girl you've ever seen?!

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