Sunday, August 29, 2010

Verona, Italy

This was our second time to Verona and it is still one of my favorite cities here. (Florence is #1 of course!) Everything about it is so beautiful and pure. It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from our house (plus we had to stop for gas) and traffic wasn't bad at all going down. We came across a REALLY nice parking garage that was ridiculously close to the arena. Last parking garage we parked at wasn't too far and wasn't too bad, BUT this parking garage was amazing. Unbelievably clean!

Our first stop was the arena.. one of my favorite things in Verona and I'm not sure why... maybe it's the ancient old architecture. It was awesome because they were setting up for a show inside which gave it a completely different look than last time we were there. There were these AWESOMELY huge statues that were probably one of the coolest things we've seen here.

We left the arena and went to Juliet's house. Kevin stayed outside with Rosalie and mom and I went in. (he had absolutely no desire to go in lol).. It was sooo crowded outside, but inside wasn't too bad. I didn't realized how big it was from the outside.. but it was like 5 stories inside and each story had something different to offer. So cool.

From Juliet's house, we made a pit stop so Rosalie could eat; then we headed to Romeo's house, which is nothing like Juliet's. You can't go in or anything, but we had to see it. Across from Romeo's house we came across the Scaliger tombs, which I had never heard of but it was BEAUTIFUL. It's a group of 5 gothic funerary. Unfortunately, when uploading pics, not all of my pics were uploaded and I deleted them.. so my pics from Romeo's house, the tombs, and the Lamberte tower are gone forever. Luckily my mom took a good bit so I'm stealing from her. On our way to Romeo's house we walked along the river.. the scenery was just breathtaking.

Next stop was lunch. We had lunch at a little cafe by the tower. It was soo good. While there, Rosalie gagged on a french fry and puked (lovely right?) lol.. so our next stop would have to be the jeep to get her changed. We went back to the jeep, got Rosalie fresh, made a pee stop, then headed to Juliet's tomb.. which is kind of out from everything else in Verona, but it's so worth it. It's beautiful (as is everything in Verona.. I'm sure you're getting sick of hearing the word.. but there's no other way to describe Verona!) There was a museum upstairs and then you went outside and underground to get to the tomb.

We stopped at a lil stand to get some water and sat and chilled for a bit, then decided to head home. We were all pretty exhausted. We got back home and went to Mach to get pizza.. but it was closed! So we went to the commissary so I could get something to make. The stupid italian at the gate gave us a hard time about getting mom on base.. and she spoke NO english. How can they put someone at the gate who doesn't speak a lick of english? We pull into the commissary, and Rosalie pukes everywhere. (Something we become familiar with when a tooth is coming through). Mom and I stripped her down and cleaned her and her seat up the best we could while Kevin ran in the commissary. We got home and I had to scrub her car seat.. not something I want to do after traveling all day!

I think that'll probably be our last trip to Verona while here, unless someone comes over and wants to go!

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