Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boutique Hermosa

Awhile back I ordered Rosalie headbands and flowers from a cute lil boutique I came across on Etsy.. it was a great deal and I was excited to get them.. unfortunately our post office was being super retarded and started returning all our mail.. so on the 2nd time of the girl shipping them I finally got them! (Stupid Stupid Post Office!) Luckily the girl was sooo nice about it. I just wanted to show everyone my purchase.. a GREAT purchase for $10.99 plus shipping. I picked the colors of the bands and the colors of the flowers and they can be intermixed. ALL for $10.99. I went with a lot of gender neutral bands that way big bows that I got Roey can be attached to them too!

Take a minute and swing over to Boutique Hermosa! Just CLICK HERE.


  1. Those are cute! I love Etsy! I went to the site you posted and love the smaller flower headbands and the hats! B is definatly getting one of those hats!

  2. So far Boutique Hermosa and Miss Khloe's Bows are my two favorite little ships.. Miss Khloe's Bows has deals all the time on her facebook page!