Thursday, August 5, 2010

9 Month Old Princess

I can't believe we are only 3 months away from Rosalie's First Birthday. After MUCH planning, I've finally decided on a theme. We're going with "oh so sweet lady bug".. Tiffany actually found it for me. I wanted lady bugs (since that is what my dad calls Rosalie), but I didn't want to do it in red. A little girl's first birthday should be pink! So the one that Tiffany found is hott pink/zebra striped lady bugs and everything is hot pink and lime green. Absolutely adorable. Now I just have to contact a cake lady and see what she can come up with.. and start ordering everything! I think I have it narrowed down what I'm going to get her for her birthday.. a play kitchen. We thought about a wagon.. but we wouldn't have much use for it here. I already ordered her a Spongebob birthday movie.. but her big present was being tossed around for awhile.

Now onto the 9 month update.


Weight: 22lbs... only .2lbs increase from last month.. which I don't understand..she's eating so much now.. but she's also more mobile so I guess she's finally starting to slow down growing
Height: Same as last month.. 29 inches
Diaper Size: Still a 3
Clothes Size: 12-18 months (i know.. she'a s monster!)
Teeth: 4.. 5th one is almost in
Words: Dadda when she's happy... Mom when she's sad or mad (and yes, she says Mom, not Mama)

Roey is so curious it's unreal.. she's into absolutely everything and her little butt doesn't stop moving all day. She's got it mastered pulling herself up to stuff and she's walking along everything.. just not on her own yet. She's been trying.. she'll back away from furniture and stand for like 2 seconds then she'll land on her butt. I know if we got her a walker (like a push walker) she'd be going in no time.. but I'm in absolutely no hurry for her to walk. She's hard to keep up with as is!

She's still quite the picky eater.. the only veggies she'll eat are green beans and sweet potatoes.. and the only fruits she'll eat is bananas and pears.. although occasionally she will eat peaches and applesauce.. but she won't eat a lot... she can't eat anything mixed like mixed berries... or it comes straight up. She LOVES the Gerber crunchies and the biter cookies. She LOVES mashed potatoes and will even feed them to herself. We give her a spoon and let her go to town. Guess mommy makes good homemade potatoes :)

Rosalie is FINALLY starting to sleep through the night again... she sleeps for about 8 hours and gets up and eats and goes back to bed until 6-7:30... just depends on what time she went to bed. She takes 2 naps.. One in the morning which ranges from half an hour to 2 hours.. just depends on how well she slept through the night.. then an afternoon nap which is usually about an hour and a half long.. but she has slept as long as 2 1/2.

She still gets 2 baths a day.. but it's become quite a chore for Kevin and I. She's so bad in the tub it's unreal. She is a monkey.. trying to climb out. We tried switching her from her baby tub to the big tub, and while she does really good with balance and not sliding, she's even worse when it comes to trying to climb out. So we're back to using the baby tub again.. our baby tub isn't like a normal baby tub with a net.. it's bigger and shaped like a whale... has a newborn side where they can lay and a infant side where they can sit up. There's a divider in the middle that supports their butt, but we took it out to make the tub a little bit bigger for her. She's just out of control.

Rosalie is quite the talker.. she squeals and laughs and talks all day long. Her voice is getting much clearer.

Well, I'll leave with some pics :) CIAO!

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