Sunday, August 29, 2010

normal? not yet.

My mom left on Thursday. Boy did the 8 days she was here FLY. We were soo busy the whole time she was here. I figured if I blogged in detail about every place we went, it would be the longest entry EVER... sooo what I'm going to do is do a separate entry for every city. She arrived on Wednesday and surprisingly, her flight was early. She wasn't suppose to land until 9am and we got there around 8:20 and the flight had already touched ground. We only had to wait 10-15 minutes for her. We got back to the house and chilled for a bit, then headed to the base get her a pass, get some food, and get some euro. Around 7, Kevin and Mom decided they wanted supper.. after supper we all pretty much crashed.

Thursday we went to Verona.
Friday we went to Venice.
Saturday we had a down day.. then went to the base and Polcenigo.
Sunday we went to Florence
Monday we went to Pisa.
Tuesday and Wednesday were down days.
Mom left on Thursday.

When I woke up Monday morning I had a terribly sore throat. I assumed it was allergies. When we got home Monday night, I got terribly sick. I had the aches..chills.. and then came the fever. I was so cold it was unreal. (it was almost 100 out that day). I ran a scolding hot bath.. and it felt chilly to me. I could see the steam rolling off the water, but I was still shivering. It was terrible. Tuesday I didn't feel too bad.. Wednesday it was just a crappy crappy cough. Thursday, an even worse cough. Friday, the cough was so intense that my chest and back were hurting so bad. Saturday, the cough wasn't too bad.. I went in spurts.. and when I'd go into a coughing fit, it was terrible. I became extremely nauseated and had high abdominal pains. Today I'm feeling a little better.. still have the cough and I just feel exhausted. from 3:30-5:30am I coughed nonstop. I ended up sleeping sitting up. I've been taking cough medicine religiously and it just doesn't seem to do anything.

So as you can see.. things aren't back to normal here yet. I really had no time to clean while mom was here. I ran the vacuum and did the basics.. kept up on laundry.. but my house has NEVER been this bad (and it's not THAT bad.. but for my standards it is.). I don't have the energy or strength to clean. Kevin goes back to work tomorrow, so I'm going to tear this place apart and get it back to normal.

Throughout the week I'll try to blog about all our excursions while mom was here.. but bare with me, my to do list is unbelievably long.

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