Friday, May 13, 2011

What are you doing here?

Are you a friend or family member? How about someone that just came across my blog and enjoys reading it? Or are you someone that is only coming to my blog to take things from it to make fun of me on facebook? Well if you fall into the last category, then I have 2 things to say to you. 1. How unbelievably immature are you? You may think it makes you sound cool and funny.. but other people see it and they think how childish you are. 2. You're going to have to look else where for your material because my blog is going oh so private. If you hate me so much WHY are you coming to my blog and reading about our day to day lives? Congrats. I'm awarding you the Stalker-of-the-Year medal.

To the friends and family and people that enjoy reading my blog, please send me your e-mail address so I can invite you to read my blog. I'll leave it open for a few more days, but then i'll be going private. Either comment on here with your e-mail, shoot me a message on facebook, or e-mail me (

To those stalking my blog for gag material, you only have a few more days.. so read over as many entries as you possible can, write things down, do what you have to do because your access will be denied. At that point you'll need to find a new hobby. Here's a suggestion: Get A Life.

I did not want to make my blog private.. but I'm not going to tolerate people taking things I say and then making a joke on facebook for everyone but me to see. Even though I can't see it, there are people out there that think you are childish and will tell me.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :)


  1. You couldn't have said this better! Main reason I have my family blog on private because of a "stalker" I have. That is awful that someone would come to your blog just to make fun of you. That is very immature. I feel the same way if people dislike us why are they STILL coming to our blogs and yes I came to the same conclusion because they are stalkers and obviously don't hate us that much;) Well, I enjoy reading about your family. I think you are very nice person and you have a sweet family:) My email addy is

  2. Awee thanks Becca! Some people just need to find something better to do with their time! I didn't want to ever have to make my blog private because really there's nothing super personal on here, but for these reasons.. I guess I have to! I'll add your e-mail to the list!

  3. I'm sorry that is happening to you Mandee. I know I don't know you very well but I like reading about what your up too and getting crafty with and seeing all of Rosalie's cute pics.

    I understand why you are going private. I have thought about that myself before. I have only one stalker and I have no clue if she talks about me on facebook but I know she likes to go out of her way to "Warn" more than one person about me lol. Now I'm feeling like it's my blog and I'm not saying anything on it that I wouldn't not say to your face or that I don't care if people know about me. I feel like once someone gets to know me regardless of what they might here from that one person they will see who the sane one is and who the immature perpetuater of drama is.
    I have dealt with some crazy drama bull here for way too long and at this point it just makes me laugh at the silliness that is still carried on by that one person.

    Good luck to you. And I for one would like to keep reading about what your up too.

    Haters they gonna hate... it must make them feel better about themselves. You do you and stay positive


  4. People can creep on me all they want.. stalk the crap out of my blog because it just makes me feel like apparently my life has something more exciting going on it than theirs. If you don't like me and are coming here to read my ramblings about my family, then your life must be super lame lol. I'm cool with that. But to come here only to get stuff to make fun of me.. wowsers is all I can say. I told Kevin told that it's funny how people aren't so tough when they don't have a computer to hide behind.

    I agree, I too have dealt with crap after crap here. I don't know if they just send all the crazy women to aviano or if aviano makes them crazy. It just makes me want to scream that for the past 4 months I have literally kept to myself, and here people are.. doing this crap. I just want to scream at the top of my lungs "AHHHH GET A LIFE! DON'T YOU HAVE BABIES TO RAISE?!?!" jeessh.

    I'm so glad that I have met you ladies because it makes me feel a sigh of relief to know that I'm not the only one that has gone through this.

  5. Mandee, I must say you crack me up. I couldn't have said it better myself though. People seriously have nothing better to do with their time, when I'm sure most of them have children to take care of or other necessities more important than sitting and making rude and absurd comments, so they insist on being reliant upon TRYING to make peoples lives miserable. Even though I'm sure most of the time it's an epic fail, somewhere in their sick twisted minds th find great joy in it. I'm a firm believer that as you get older, you realize more and more that people our ages as opposed to high school students, are more immature. People are pathetic is what it comes down too. I'm glad you have a voice and can put your opinion openly to them and get your point across though. :). I all actually, what can anyone have to say negative about you? You're a military wife that has had to leave your family and go how ever many miles away and deal with your husband being gone on deployments. I give you major kudos for doing that alone. Not to mention, you're an AWESOME mother to your beautiful daughter. At the endof the day, I believe people just need to grow up and mind their own business. You would think getting older you wouldn't have to deal with all of this crap but apparently that's far from the truth. Oh and when I gave you my email, I thought it was pertaining to your store. I never knew you had this but I personally think it's really cool that you can let your family know on a daily basis everything going on. Thanks for letting me read it! Anyway, keep your head as high as you've had it thus far, eventually people will grow up, MAYBE. If not, they can live their miserable lives as they chose. Always remember, if someone is talking about you, they're leaving someone else alone for the most part. :)

  6. Thanks Ash!
    A problem with military wives are a lot of them are very young. I'm not no old fart, but still. I have already lived out my wild teen years...went to college and got my degree.. worked in the real world in a professional position. When Rosalie came we were ready to settle and down and be a family. I truly, honest to god enjoy my family. A lot of women I have encountered here can't wait for their husbands to get home so they can leave their kid and get a "break". I don't ever think I need a break. My idea of a break is getting an extra hour of sleep on the weekend when Kevin gets up with Roey! ha! I was told I was bad friend because I wouldn't leave my husband on a friday night and go out drinking and to karaoke. I guess I am an old fart because I'd rather stay in on a friday night with Kevin, Roey, and a Disney movie instead of going out drinking. I always said I would never make a blog..but then Roey came and it seemed like an awesome way to keep everyone back home updated that don't have facebook. Granted over time I started talking about other things, our places we travel in Europe, and post recipes.. but I was criticized because all I talk about on my blog is my kid. Well duh, that was the purpose of this blog! If you don't want to read it there's a cute lil X up in the corner.. go right ahead and click it! Ohhh women are just ridiculous!

  7. are so blunt and to the point. I don't EVER remember you being so open minded. That's definitely a great thing to say the least. At least you are getting your point across. Like I've said before, which I'm sure a lot of people have said, from the pictures you post, you're an awesome mom. Especially at your age. Not saying you're too young to have a child, that's far from what I mean. At your age though, you definitely have everything in line and know what you want from life. I'm sure all your family is extremely proud of you. Oh well if you talk about your kid, that's your life! I can only imagine what people say about me, all I do is talk about my dogs and have a gazilion pictures of them up. You're totally right, women are VERY ridiculous. If everyone would actually get a life and take care of their priorities first, they wouldn't have time to criticize others and the world would be such a better place! On the bright side, I hope you guys have an absolutely amazing homecoming. I know how that feels from when my brother came home from his deployments. Enjoy your time together!