Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I know that I've been a total slacker for pictures lately.. so I just had to share this-

Yesterday Rosalie's buggy came that I bought her in the states. I can NOT pry her out of it. Hopefully it stays nice out this afternoon so she can take it for a ride down the street. As soon as I got it together yesterday it started raining.. go figure. It was such a pain to put together because someone wouldn't stay off it long enough for me to put it together! So tell me.. what do you think.. does she like it? haha

It has a little horn that beeps and I've heard it nonstop since I put the car together.. she was even beeping it at the dog..

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  1. Emma has that same little car and we love to take her for strolls in it. Glad your adjusting back to Italy well!