Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I confess...

For the first time in my life.. I cut the grass. In my almost 24 years of life, I have never once cut grass. ever. Growing up I had two older brothers, so I just always did the trimming. Now, Kevin always cuts the grass and I still do the trimming and sweep off the sidewalks, ect. Well.. today I had to do it. I was slightly embarrassed that I had to ask Kevin how to start the lawn mower. (Go ahead, laugh. I allow it) But, I did it and our yard looks great! I got all the trimming done and raked and got everything swept off.. and I even managed to get all our lawn furniture out of the shed and get it all wiped down.. while my kid napped! We were up the entire night last night and instead of laying down like I REALLY wanted to, I fought through it because there's just so much here to be done. For example, instead of going to bed last night when Rosalie did, I went out in the dark and pulled weeds out of my driveway. Yeah, i'm that obsessive compulsive; and yeah, it's wearing me down.

Yesterday was an extremely frustrating day for me. Once again, it was a sleepless night. We had tons to do so I couldn't just lay around like I wanted to. First we had to go pay our internet BILLS. Yes, I had said billS with an S. One thing I love about Italy- you can go months without paying a bill and they won't shut whatever it is off lol. Well we had 150Euro in internet bills accumulated from me being in the states... which is about $220 US dollars. After getting that done, we went to get the car inspected.. which I have never done here. Once again, that's Kevin's job. I thought it would take a max of half an hour... WRONG. We sat there for TWO hours. The line of cars was ridiculous.. only ONE person was inspecting cars. Rosalie was a lil trooper though. After that we had to go to Pass and Registration.. where I just about went over the counter at the lady. I handed her all my stuff and she goes "oh. you're JUST A SPOUSE. you need a power of attorney to do your registration." I was like "You're kidding me? I have it.. but I don't carry it on me. The car is in MY name.. so I didn't think I would need my husband's permission to register it" and she goes "Yeah well you do." God what a B. I left extremely angry. We hit up the BX and I treated Rosalie to a new book and toy since she had to deal with all that crap and I got a new hair dryer because mine's starting to short out. (which i LOVE it by the way.. I went from like a $100 salon dryer, to a con air and I love the $25 con air one wayyyyy more).

This morning after skyping with daddy (I love that's how our days start now instead of skyping at 8pm), we had to head to Bricofer, an Italian.. ummm.. hardware/lawn and garden store? lol I'm not sure what it is.. it's kind of like the Italian version of Home Depot. From the week I left to go to the states and this week of being back, we've had four light bulbs blown. It's a common thing here.. we stock up on light bulbs like it's our job. I actually changed 2 right after Kevin left and then more blew and I didn't really have the time to go to Bricofer since we were getting ready to head to the states. To get light bulbs in the commissary they are 110V and WAY over priced and since they are 110V they don't last long. These bulbs last a lot longer and are only like $2, compared to the commissary's $8 price. I also scored a sprayer so that when my weed killer comes I can spray my driveway. I was so excited because the BX/shopette never have them and I looked for one before I left the states, but all I could find were pre-filled ones.

We headed to the base and finished up all the registration crap and then hit the post office. Naturally I had 6 boxes there. lol. One box included Roey's sweet new ride i bought while in the states.. it's this cute pink car buggy that I can push her down the street in. I'm excited to get it together so we can go for walks. I know she's going to love it because my nephew has a lil blue one and she found it in my brother's shed and we couldn't pry her off it! Then we hit the BX to get gas coupons and to get Kevin's mom's birthday present. Seriously, I feel like I kicked todays butt because I got everything accomplished and more than I had planned!

Time to go relax before lil Miss wakes up! CIAO!

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