Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh camera, how I loved you.

Yesterday truly was a terrible day for me. Right off the bat, the day started off terrible and it just went from there. First thing in the morning, Rosalie broke my camera. Yes, my wonderful ultra-zoom camera. I was devastated. I know.. it's a materialistic item., but that camera is constantly glued to my hand. For like the past 10 years I have gotten a new digital camera just about every year. This one was my all time favorite. At this point, the only cameras we have are the good one (which is no longer functional), a Nikon that my gram found in a parking lot, and an old digital that you have to hold the memory card in to get it to work. I love the Nikon that my gram gave us, but the problem with it is we don't have a battery charger for it and I was using a charger of my moms, but I sent it back to her. So when the last of the batteries die, then I won't be able to charge it.. and I've had a hard time trying to find a charger for it because it's an old camera. The camera is also in Qatar with my husband.

I went to the BX in hopes they would have something that I liked in the price range that I had set. After having an ultra-zoom camera, I'm not going back to a slim digital camera. It may be bulky, but I LOVE my camera. I'd kill for a DSLR camera, but with trips planned to Germany, Rome, and Paris this summer, a $800 camera just isn't in our budget. So I hit up the BX and all they have are are regular digital cameras, $1000 DSLR cameras, and ONE camera that is the same style as mine. The one I found that was similar to mine was a Nikon and it was $100 more than I wanted to spend. I seriously just about started crying in the middle of the BX. All I could think standing there in the BX was "My husband is coming home. For the first time in months we're all going to be reunited and I don't have an effin camera." If I would order one there's NO way it would make it here before Kevin arrives because our mail is literally snail mail. Every time I order something on crunch time, it never makes it.

I left the BX feeling so down. If you saw me, then you know that I was in a serious funk and absolutely not myself. I was so mopey the entire day. Well this morning Kevin gave me the okay to get the Nikon so that funk has lifted :) haha. My luck when I go to buy it they won't have any in stock. Story of our lives living overseas.

Speaking of summer vacations.. I need some advice from you Aviano ladies. This will be our first time hitting up Germany, other than having layovers in Ramstein. We're going to probably do 3 days and the top 3 things that I absolutely want to do are the Eagle's Nest, Neuschwanstein Castle, and the Dachau Concentration Camp. My question is this.. who has done these things and how much time did you allot for each? I just trying to figure out what days of the week to go and how much stuff we can do and see. Did you do these things on your own or with Edelweiss? For Dachau did you do a guided tour or just a walk through by yourself? I have been told by multiple people to do the castle on your own and not with Edelweiss. Any tips or suggestions for the trip?

That's all for now. Ciao!


  1. Qatar is where Michael is too... I have about 39% of this deployment to go. SO EXCITED!!! I'm glad yours is coming home soon!

  2. REALLY?!??! What does he do? I'm really starting to get antsy. We have 2% to go!!! The beginning went fast, but these past few weeks are just draggggin!