Sunday, May 15, 2011

If you're reading this....

Then you know I've gone private!

It has been one ROUGH week. As you may have read, Rosalie broke my camera, which I have yet to replace. When you use a camera as much as I do, it totally sucks not having one. I brought down a digital camera, circa 2005 lol, that is terrible. I dug it out of the attic just to get some pics of my new bows.. but boy it's terrible. It's all blurry and grainy and it takes me like 100 tries to get a "good" pic. I will be buying my new one this week.

Then the bad luck keeps trailing me. Last night I got a Diet Dr Pepper out of the fridge. I sat down at the computer, cracked it open, and took one sip, when the kitchen timer went off. I went out to the kitchen, pulled Rosalie's dinner out of the oven, cut her chicken to cool, and went back into the livingroom. Maybe 2 minutes had lapsed? Not even. What do I find? I find Rosalie standing on the computer chair, holding the crunched Diet Dr Pepper can in her hand. Soda is rolling off the computer desk. There was a puddle on the floor, it was dripping from the chair, and worse, it was just running off our Macbook. I just about cried. I flew over to Rosalie and took her down from the chair. I turned the computer over to let any soda run out. I kept it turned on it's side for awhile to let the soda drain out. I tried to take it apart to clean the inside out, but the screws are very tiny and we didn't have a screwdriver small enough. I tried to turn it back on. Nothing. I was sick to my stomach. Our computer isn't even 2 years old.. but it is in mint condition. We vowed when we bought it that we weren't going to download anything on it or store anything on it. I remembered reading a friend's status the other day how her cell phone went through the washer and she had it in rice. A lot of people commented on it and said that worked for them. I figured a computer, a cellphone, what's the difference lol. I took the battery out and put it in a bread pan and completely covered it in rice. I then took the actual laptop and put it in a baking sheet completely covered in rice. I got up this morning and it booted up! At first it ran slow and ran loud. After being on it for 5 minutes it shut down. I thought "Welp, it's done." I turned it back on and booted up just fine and ran fine! It's been running since 7:30 this morning with no glitches. It may hold for a day.. a week.. a month.. or a few years... I don't know.

I thought my luck turned around. Guess what... I thought wrong. Naturally, my bad luck only got worse. I was downstairs when I heard this bang upstairs. I knew what it was.. it was the sound of the toilet lid falling. I mean come on, you can recognize that sound. When I went back upstairs to finish cleaning, I lifted the toilet lid to clean it and the top of the bowl was cracked. Not no tiny crack.. a bigggg crack. I thought "You HAVE to be kidding me." I called my Dad to see if there was a way that I could temporarily fix it.. not even fix it, just something to hold it so it doesn't crack any further. He said that when it cracks, it's done. There's nothing fixing it. So now I have to call housing tomorrow. I'm dreading it. 1. I don't know if they are going to make me pay for it. Usually housing fixes or replaces things at no charge.. but is the toilet going to be considered aged and it just happened because it was old.. or are they going to say it was something I did and have to pay. Ugh I don't wanna think about it. 2. It's unbelievably hard to get through to maintenance for housing. 3. An Italian is going to have to come to my house ... track all through my house... and destroy my clean bathroom. Man my luck seriously sucks lately.

On another note, it has rained nonstop here. The clouds actually cleared today and the mountains have snow them! WTF it's May!


  1. Your bad day sounds just as bad as mine last night especially with my Macbook Pro. Right now the track pad isn't working right now and I am using an attached mouse which sucks. Lately I have been spilling everything and it's annoying. BTW I can't even image if my camera broke as my point and shoot doesn't even work!

    Hopefully Monday will bring you a better day.

  2. I'm so sorry for your bad luck, maybe that just means you'll have an even better week this week! :) Each time I see you talk about the toilet, well here and on FB, I can't help but giggle and think about how my toilet looked when my idiot ex put a fire cracker in it. ;)

    Hopefully they don't make you pay for it. They made us pay 56 euro for 16 screws, caulk, and green spray paint when we accidently took off the mail box top when we moved to Sedrano last year.

    Any time you get too much rain out there, just tell it to come to Texas, I'm not a fan of this heat one bit. ;)

    Here's to a better week for you girl. You're almost done and you've done amazing with the deployment.

  3. rofl I'm still dying over the firecracker. The incident at our house happened probably 15 years ago and it is STILL talked about lol. I told my dad that the way things are breaking around here, i'm probably going to have to cancel all our summer vacations! ha! this week will def be a better! :) Thank you.. I've tried so hard to be positive and up beat through the deployment just because I know I get annoyed when you have the woe-is-me wife. I'll send alllll the rain your way! I love the heat :)

  4. I hope you have a better week this week. I couldn't imagine my camera breaking on me either since I use it a lot. How is your computer doing today?

  5. Thanks Becca! It's actually running perfectly fine now. I went and bought a junky camera at the bx yesterday because the one i had my heart set on they sold the last one on monday. I was so bummed over it that my husband got on and ordered me the one i wanted as a surprise and told me to take the junky one back and we got a photographer to take pics for us! Everything worked out!

  6. Aw boo! Well, awesome on the new camera! I am glad everything worked out for you! Enjoy your hubby:) I see mine next week! Woot! I can't wait... :)