Saturday, May 7, 2011

bow busy :)

Today I officially opened my store back up and am starting to get swamped with orders already! I have decided that bows will only be made when Rosalie is napping or in bed for the night.. I don't want to take away any time from her, so it may take me a couple extra days to get orders out. It awesome to see the demand for my bows! Thanks to all of you ladies for all your support and for the business to make this deployment fly!

Other news... well, that's really about it. We've been working our butts off trying to get this house back to norm and get ready for Daddy's arrival (which is sooo close!!!!!!!). We try to get out as much as we can because it kills Rosalie to stay inside. The other evening we went outside so Rosalie could cruise in her car. It started to get a lil chilly out and I made her come in. She sat in her car and pouted for half an hour. This picture kills me hahaha.

That's about it.. just wanted to stop in!



  1. Glad to hear your bow business is doing great:) Yay! Your hubby is will be home soon that is great! This picture is too cute!

  2. Thanks Becca! We're ready to just be a normal family again.. well as normal as a military family can be :)