Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where did it come from?!

Last night Kevin said "Roey, let me check your mouth.. I haven't peeked around in awhile"... because she just won't ever let us in there to see if her gums are swollen or Kevin stuck his finger in her mouth and rubbed her gum and low and behold, there was a top tooth in there! It's pretty far down so I'm guess it popped through about a week ago. Roey has a total of 3 teeth now! I'm pretty sure that the other top one will be coming soon. She screamed and screamed and screamed last night until she puked.. after she puked, she screamed and screamed more... it was this ear piercing high pitched screams that I've only ever heard the night before her 2nd bottom tooth popped through. Finally we got her calmed.. lots of walking.. lots of passing her back and forth..Kevin went upstairs and got her blank and I got her a teething ring... she curled up on my lap with her blank and went to town on the teething ring and she calmed.. then she was ready to play! haha! It was like nothing ever happened. Of course she then had a rough night... she slept til 1:30 and after that we were up most the night. I feel like a slug today.. but I really need to clean.

OOHH and I forgot to add.. my mom is officially coming! She got her ticket over the weekend.. she arrives in Italy on the 18th of August and will be here til the 26th. We have such a fun schedule planned. They day she gets here we're going to have a down day and just chill and let her get settled. On Thursday we're going to take her to the local stuff, Polcenigo, Barcis, and going to San Gorgios for supper. Friday we're going to go down to Venice. Saturday we're going to head down to Pisa, stay at Camp Darby for the night, then hit up Florence on our way back home. Monday is going to be a down day... give Roey a day to stay at home.. we'll probably grill and let Roey swim.. Tuesday we're going to Verona and going to the arena, the mafia museum, Juliet's house and tomb.. Kevin and I have been down to Verona but we didn't get to see everything just because Rosalie was sooo tiny that we didn't want to be gone the entire day... Wednesday we're heading to the beach and Thursday she leaves to go home. We are going to be sooo stinken busy!

Well I have a busy day ahead of me.. I'm hoping to squeeze in a nap when roey does... then I'm going to start tearing this house apart and cleaning. With working outside so much lately I've let things pile up.. I've at least got my laundry done and ironed this morning.

Ciao :)

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