Friday, July 16, 2010

Sleep Strike Again

Roey still hasn't been sleeping very well.. but we were at least getting her to sleep for like 5 hours at a time... that lasted real long... JOKE. I read about giving her a blanket to sleep with so that way when she wakes up, she doesn't need me... and honestly, it worked. I was so impressed. But, then she hit a growth spurt and was up like every 4 hours anyways to eat. We went straight from that, to her just getting up every 3-4 hours. Seriously, she's 8 months old.. I've been dealing with this for the past 2 months since we got back from the states. She's wearing me down... and I know everyone is probably getting sick of me complaining about it... but she's just breaking me. If you were in my shoes you'd complain too. What happened to my perfect newborn sleeper?

She's also getting sooooooo bad. She has mastered the stairs... and I really mean, mastered. We ordered a baby gate but it's not here yet. It's a pretty sweet gate.. it's from Dream Baby.. it's white and metal and really classy looking.. it has a swing open door. We were going to get one from the italian toy store, but we compared prices and this one was so much cheaper, and walmart even did .97 cent shipping. Awesomeness.

Roey is constantly pulling herself up to everything.. usually everything on my coffee table is on the floor within a matter of minutes of her being out of bed. She's going to be walking soon. She's trying so hard to stand on her own. She's getting so brave it's scary!

She talks like crazy.. everything is DaDa.. Mama when she's mad.. (go figure)

Well that's about all the time I have.. I have weeds to pull outside! TGIF!

Here's a few pics since I haven't posted any lately!

(isn't she just so beautiful?!)

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